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12 places to run and drink beer in 2015

Create your 2015 brew and racing calendar.

New race series fermenting

Now, beer-run registration comes in handy six-packs.

The no-race post-race party

Will the beer taste as sweet?

Breaking down the beer mile

Quantitative and qualitative analysis for the beer mile.

8 essential craft beers

The bottles you must sip before you can call yourself a craft beer lover.

The beer vote: DRAFT’s presidential election poll

Let the beer world know which presidential candidate gets your vote this November.

PAIRS: Beer and food from Circle K

A big bag of beef jerky leads to Pairs: Circle K Beers & Munchies.

Live to 100 with beer and running

Whether you raced this weekend, overindulged with friends, or both, you’ve done your lifespan a favor. Recently, two independent studies extol drinking and running …

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