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Road trip: Boston to coastal Maine

Consider I-95 your stairway to beer and seafood heaven. Tag-team the driving duties—it takes two hands to eat a proper lobster roll.

Beer and running series seeking investors

The beer and running phenomenon is becoming big business, with one beer mile runner even earning a six-figure salary. And now one race series …

Beer Institute member breweries volunteer to add nutrition information to labels

Get ready for calorie counts, carbs and other info on your beer labels and packaging.

Beer Runner profile: triathlete Allegra Swanson

“I think it’s really easy on social media for people to think they’re the only ones who miss a run because they stayed out too late the night before. Really, none of us are perfect runners.”

Q&A: Talking beer and country music with Cole Swindell

Country singer Cole Swindell talks about music, beer and life on the road.

50 ways to earn your beer

Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company offers plenty of active ways to earn your beer.

What to drink with Euro ‘16

Because if you’re watching, you’re drinking.

From walking with a cane to running for beer

John Platt doesn’t let multiple sclerosis get in the way of his love of beer and running.

Beer mile record holder hits jackpot

Turns out, beer running can net you a cool six-figure check.

6 beer runs for summer 2016

Find the beer race that’s right for you this summer

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