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Q&A: Talking beer and a brewery-in-planning with chef Bryan Voltaggio

“Top Chef” and “Top Chef Masters” alum Bryan Voltaggio plans to open a brewery inside his D.C. restaurant, Range, this summer.

‘Epic beer run’ planned as firestorm fundraiser

Craft beer running club co-founder announced plans to run across Toronto to raise funds for wildfire relief.

Hot tables: 5 of the best seats in beer right now

Beer-centric spots that also deliver in the food department.

Canadian runner sets double beer mile record

Masters runner finished eight beers during eight laps to finish 2 miles in 11:39.

Why you shouldn’t run while hungover

It doesn’t just feel awful—the risks outweigh the potential reward.

What runners want

What do runners and walkers want after a race? Bet you can guess.

Racing at the Kohler Festival of Beer

It’s time to get back into form for Beer Mile season.

Q&A: Talking beer and food with the new hosts of “America’s Test Kitchen”

Bridget Lancaster and Julia C. Davison share their favorite dishes, most frustrating recipes and must-have tools for home cooks.

Oskar Blues expands Beer Relay

Last year, Oskar Blues launched a new Beer Relay series at its Burning Can festival. This year, it’s getting bigger. Oskar Blues first hosted …

Beer and running blogs to follow

Six blogs to bookmark for added motivation.

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