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Inaugural IPA 10K comes to California

Destination Races expands beyond wine with new race planned for Sebastopol, California.

Beer mile record holder signs shoe deal

Elite Canadian beer miler Corey Bellemore will run for Adidas.

Beer mile championship rematch on deck

The current world record is an eye-popping 4:34 for four laps and four beers.

More reporters take the Beer Mile challenge

It could be the dumbest thing they’ve ever done.

Writer takes on the Kona Beer Mile

“Misfit clownshow” isn’t exactly the best way to describe the race.

Beer mile champion gets personalized beer label

A Canadian brewery celebrates accomplishment with a fitting tribute.

Petition calls to get beer mile in the games

We can dream, right?

Beer mile record shattered at championship

Twenty-one-year-old drinks four beers and runs a mile in astonishing 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

World Beer Mile Classic arrives in London

On the eve of the Olympics, another athletic competition is set to take the international stage. The second annual World Beer Mile Classic chugs …

Beer Runner profile: triathlete Allegra Swanson

“I think it’s really easy on social media for people to think they’re the only ones who miss a run because they stayed out too late the night before. Really, none of us are perfect runners.”

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