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In a new video posted to YouTube, Canadian runner Lewis Kent reclaimed his beer mile world record with a 4:51. The beer mile, of …

The beer mile continued its foray into the pop culture spotlight by being featured on the comedy show The League. The FXX show, if …

Canada racks up another accolade as its runners continue to dominate the sport.

World record holder turns in a dominating performance this weekend.

“I know I can chug like a savage, so I just have to really use that to my advantage.”

The sub 5-minute beer miles come fast and furious.

“Don’t ever do this,” she says.

James Nielson on training, vomiting and trimming his time.

Breaking down the beer mile

Quantitative and qualitative analysis for the beer mile.

This week, I watched beer mile history streaming in real time on my iPhone. Olympians competed in the 4-laps, 4-beer race and records were …

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