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Pairing beer with red-and-white desserts

Here’s how to choose beers to stand up to your festive sweets.

Pairing beer with Thai food

Instead of overpowering the dishes’ nuanced spices, these beers help them shine.

Pairing beer with pantry staples

Pair your preserved food with what’s left in your fridge and feast until the storm’s over.

Pairing beer with holiday party appetizers

Serve your guests small bites with small pours to match.

Pairing: beer & crostini

Crostini are so simple (just bread and two ingredients!), and now beer pairing them is, too.

The power of one: In search of a great, all-purpose beer

In a harried world packed with pairing suggestions, what’s the best multipurpose beer?

Kölsches and sushi, double IPAs with dessert, and more genius food-and-beer ideas.

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