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The sour spectrum

What does “sour” mean when it comes to beer? Test your knowledge of the style’s variety.

25 breweries on the rise

All less than five years old, these breweries are poised to make their marks on American beer in the coming decade.

The Improbable Ales of Belgian Luxembourg

Discover this region with few people, but many tall trees and fine beers.

The homemade Brett fest

Having missed this year’s Carnivale Brettanomyces in Amsterdam, one Draft writer set up a blind tasting of Brett beers at home—with mixed results.

From our cellar: Stone Enjoy After 12.26.15 Brett IPA

Proper patience pays off with a delicate floral aroma and plenty of carbonation.

Who is this ‘Brett’?

And what is he doing to my beer?

4 hopped Brett beers for IPA and wild ale fans

What happens when IPAs and wild ales combine powers?

Yeast and bacteria 101: Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus

The lowdown on what yeast and bacteria actually do to your beer.

IN: 2012 Boulevard Saison-Brett (and the brewer’s aging tips!)

Saison-Brett’s more than a stellar beer: It’s a Brettanomyces study guide.

Taste the funk of this wild, oak-aged brew.

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