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Beer Fests are for Kids (Sometimes)

To kid or not to kid? Our contributing editor takes a stand⏤sort of.

Beer mile record shattered at championship

Twenty-one-year-old drinks four beers and runs a mile in astonishing 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

New festival launches to celebrate beer and running

This fall, Toronto will host a new festival dedicated to beer and running, which will take place during Toronto’s Beer Week. The Famous Canadian Beer …

Beer Runner profile: triathlete Allegra Swanson

“I think it’s really easy on social media for people to think they’re the only ones who miss a run because they stayed out too late the night before. Really, none of us are perfect runners.”

‘Epic beer run’ planned as firestorm fundraiser

Craft beer running club co-founder announced plans to run across Toronto to raise funds for wildfire relief.

Canadian runner sets double beer mile record

Masters runner finished eight beers during eight laps to finish 2 miles in 11:39.

The best of Victoria’s Ale Trail

The Vancouver Island city of Victoria boasts nine breweries within a 2-mile radius; these are the three can’t-miss stops.

The morning after: Vancouver

Rise and dine! Head north of the border for Vancouver’s belly-filling breakfasts.

Sip along as we delve into this 94-point English-style IPA.

Meat in Montreal: The carnivore’s bachelor party

Four culinary-minded men attack massive amounts of meat in foodie Montreal.

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