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The tartness of bottled wild ales tends to follow a pattern, rising in the first few years and slowly ebbing as time wears on. With some creative cellaring, you can become a master of acidity.

Malt-focused beers often develop a raisiny character after a few years; fuse this age-derived flavor with one gleaned from actual raisin additions for an extra scoop of sun-dried scrumptiousness.

From the Cellar: Wicked Weed Dark Arts 2014 and 2016

A tale of two wild and barrel-accented imperial stouts.

Many of Avery Brewing Co.’s special releases showcase super-high ABVs, but even the most intense ales will mellow out with some extra mileage.

When the leaves on trees turn red and brown, match their shifting hues with the sour ales of Flanders, Belgium.

Don’t dump ’em: A brew that’s sweet and boozy fresh could become great, given time.

Putting an aged cherry stout, lambic and Flanders red to the test.

  Bring Out: LOST ABBEY AGAVE MARIA 2014 Aged for a minimum of 10 months in anejo and reposado tequila barrels (which originally housed …

Some beers are better with age.

Some beers are better with age.

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