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We asked every brewer we know to send us their IPAs: 386 bottles, cans, crowlers and growlers later, we found our 50 favorites.

These oak-fermented wild ales take time and effort to create, but shouldn’t take very long to drink.

Destination Races expands beyond wine with new race planned for Sebastopol, California.

This week’s standouts are filled to the brim with hops.

The short answer: yes, and much more than you’d think.

In America, “brewing revolution” is a marketing tagline. In Thailand, it’s a fight for the right to brew at all.

All less than five years old, these breweries are poised to make their marks on American beer in the coming decade.

This summer, take it to the street: Hit up a Greek food truck with beers in tow, and create the perfect picnic. Dolmades & …

When calamity strikes, brewers turn adversity into opportunity.

Cloudy, hugely flavorful and a lot less bitter, the new breed of IPA is earning high scores and high praise from fans.

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