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Can you cellar cans?

The pool parties, barbecues and picnics of summer call for canned beer, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your cellar; beers packaged in aluminum age just as well as those in glass.

From our cellar: Stone Enjoy After 12.26.15 Brett IPA

Proper patience pays off with a delicate floral aroma and plenty of carbonation.

From the cellar: 2013 Airways Final Departure

Stout sports lovely chocolate, coffee flavors, but the fizz is a buzzkill.

From our cellar: 2013 Sun King Bourbon Barrel Johan

Polished aroma and taste signal it’s time to open this canned barleywine.

From our cellar: 2009 Firestone Walker 13th Anniversary

Cherry cordial, creamy vanilla drive this divine treat that could rest even longer.

Lay it down: 2015 The Bruery Black Tuesday

Big imperial stout drinks fine now, but cellar time should make it shine.

From our cellar: 2013 Breckenridge Stranahan’s Well Built ESB

A nearly complete change after 2 years of aging.

Cellar this: European imports with New World twists

These European imports get an assist from New World ingredients and techniques—and some time under wraps.

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