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How to: perfectly pair beer and summer appetizers

These simple apps take minutes to make; add in the perfect beer and your festivities will last for hours.

Pairing beer and noodle bowls

A warm bowl of Asian noodles fills the soul even more with a full pint on the side.

Pairing beer with sliders

Stack your plate high: Sliders are the perfect three-bite snack to pair with your favorite pint.

Pairing: beer & a Southern spread

Southern Sunday supper? Bring on the beer!

Pairing: Beer & chips

Just ’cause you’re cruising the convenience store doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste.

You’re in charge! Steer our editor through SAVOR

Our editor will be live-Tweeting SAVOR on Saturday night–and eating/drinking only what YOU tell her to.

Pairs: Beer and a Super Bowl spread

Prepare your end zone dance: These game-winning pairings will score big with your fans.

5 never-fail beer-cheese pairings

Steve Jones of Portland’s Cheese Bar clues us in on his favorite, never-fail beer-cheese pairings.

Pairs: Bagels & Beer

Have an inspired breakfast with these decadent bagel, spread and beer pairings.

4 ways to pair pumpkin pie

Everybody’s favorite holiday dessert gets new flavor from a slew of brews.

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