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Anthrax’s Scott Ian talks new Butternuts beer collaboration, Wardance

“Everyone involved in the project thought Wardance was a great idea, rather than doing a stupid pun on one of our album titles.”

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. recalls eight of its bottled beers

A flaw in glass bottles packaged at the brewery’s North Carolina facility led to the voluntary recall.

Pick this up: New Glarus Moon Man

A great tailgate option in an easy-to-pack can.

Recover with beer gels

“No, this isn’t a dream,” says nutrition performance company TORQ.

10 video game beers

Level up your next beer tasting with these brews inspired by pixels and power-ups—no cheat codes required.

Get fresh with these 6 wet-hop beers

Harvest time brings beers packed with bright, juicy flavors.

Get up to speed on 10 different hop varietals and the flavors they bring to your brew.

The future of pale ales

What was the last shockingly great pale ale you sipped?

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