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Genever: where gin meets whiskey (sort of)

Although not widely known in the U.S., this botanical, malt-based spirit is making a comeback.

From cinema to singani

You may not have heard of the Bolivian-born spirit singani, but it has fans worldwide, including one Hollywood heavyweight.

What to drink next: Aperitifs and digestifs

OK, you’ve got the meal pairing down, but what should you drink before and after dinner arrives?

Shochu: the session spirit

Made with ingredients ranging from the common (barley, sweet potatoes) to the curious (tomatoes, milk), the low-ABV Japanese spirit is ideal for a tasting flight that you won’t totally regret the next morning.

This spring, gin is in

Craft producers are pushing the spirit to new, flavorful heights.

Christmas stocking: Your holiday home bar

We found the nine bottles every bar should have, and guide you on where to save and when to splurge.

Beer’s not the only thing brewing in Texas; tip your Stetson to these six spirit producers.

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