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Tasting Oktoberfest, Day 3: Narragansett Fest

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In celebration of this beery month, each day this week I’m uncapping a new Oktoberfest beer brewed in the States (keep up with all five brews here). From coast to coast, we’re celebrating the annual release of this smooth, malty style.

Narragansett Fest

We’re headed east today to New York, where a chilled tallboy of Narragansett Fest waits. This muted, brown-orange brew sports a creamy, pillowy off-white head that just lasts. A clean bouquet trickles up from the beer: Fresh bread scents accented with a dash of spicy hops and a grainy edge fill the nose. A vague sweetness, not quite caramel, perks up the aroma. The beer’s both creamy and crisp as it washes over the tongue. Lightly toasted bread flavors spread out, unfolding a hint of caramel mid-sip before spicy hops and moderate bitterness push back. Fest is a straight shooter, careening over the tongue to its crisp, clean conclusion. This beer may already come in a tallboy can, but I could easily fill a few comically large steins with it and have a great afternoon.

Have you cracked open a can of Narragansett’s Fest yet?


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  • Jacqui says:

    I spent some time with Lisa Tener last weekend where we shread ideas for writing and publishing our books over several cups of delicious CreativiTEA. Between the aromatic scent and taste of the warm tea and Lisa’s wisdom about editing and bringing my nonfiction book to market, I feel as if I hit the Right Brain-Left Brain jackpot! Thank you Regina and Lisa!

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