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Tasting Oktoberfest, Day 4: Magic Hat Hex

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In celebration of this beery month, each day this week I’m uncapping a new Oktoberfest beer brewed in the States (keep up with all five brews here). From coast to coast, we’re celebrating the annual release of this smooth, malty style.

Magic Hat Hex
For our fourth installment, we’re sticking to the East Coast for more seasonal flavors—although this new release from Magic Hat isn’t exactly your average Oktoberfest beer. Billed as an “Ourtoberfest” offering, Magic Hat adds cherry wood smoked malt and malted rye to its pale, Vienna and crystal varieties. It also swaps out lager yeast for German ale yeast, but I’m in an adventurous mood.
Pouring a hazy deep orange hue, Hex fills the air with nutty, caramel scents backed by spicy hops and a faint smoked cherry wood aroma. Lightly toasted bread flavors drizzled in toffee run down the tongue while earthy hops build in the back. Prickly carbonation alerts the taste buds, as punchy bitterness cleans the mouth for an ensuing subtle smoky finish. Overall, this beer’s a solid seasonal offering. It may not be in the tradition of Oktoberfest beers, but I’d happily drink pints of Hex all month long.

Have you tasted Hex yet?


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  • Chris Cavs (Part Time Vagabond) says:

    When I saw this seasonal in the cooler the other day, I thought “I like Magic Hat, I’ll try this one.” I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin beers, and I was looking for an alternative to those. This looked like a good Oktoberfest beer. So it’s not a traditional Oktoberfest! Big deal. It’s a tasty brew that has good balance and great aroma. I’ll add this to my list of beers to keep on hand.

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