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Tasting Oktoberfest, Day 5: New Glarus Staghorn

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In celebration of this beery month, each day this week I’m uncapping a new Oktoberfest beer brewed in the States (keep up with all five brews here). From coast to coast, we’re celebrating the annual release of this smooth, malty style.

New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest

Our final stop on this week’s Oktoberfest trip takes us to New Glarus Brewing, where on top of Belgium-inspired beers, the brewery recently released its annual celebration of malts, Staghorn Octoberfest.

This bright orange brew’s dissipating white head sends wonderfully toasty, clean bready notes in the air alongside spicy hops. Front to back, this beer holds up its toasted notes on the tongue, which segues into bread crust as it washes back. A slight green apple tartness perks up during the sip, latching onto the front of the tongue while adding an extra kick to the spicy, woodsy hops in the back.

I’ve tasted five Oktoberfest beers throughout the week, and plan to continue my sampling off-line throughout the month. What Oktoberfest beers are your favorite, and which brewery do you think nails it the best in the States? Tell me in the comments or send me you real-time thoughts on Twitter.


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