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6 Thanksgiving recipes, all made with beer

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TurkeyDubbelGravyHoliday feasts should be more about clinking bottles than cleaning dishes, so our menu is completely beer-infused (a brew in every dish!) and easy enough for even new-to-the-game home cooks. A turkey breast instead of a whole turkey means less time watching the oven; revamped classic sides keep the table fresh; and two desserts make a sweet ending to a stress-free spread. Need to know which beer to pair with your meal? We’ve got you covered there, too.

The bird

A giant whole turkey needs the better part of a day to cook. A single, plump breast? Less than two hours—and you don’t have to wrangle the carcass into the trash. Our gravy’s fuss-free, too; it gets its rich flavor from shallot sharpness and the hearty malt of a Belgian dubbel. Get the recipe for Roast Turkey Breast with Dubbel Shallot Gravy.

The potatoes

Sweet pears and salty blue cheese mingle with a bitter pale ale reduction in this novel take on scalloped potatoes. It’s the perfect holiday side, but you can morph it into a weeknight dinner by layering in diced cooked ham. When you dish it up, the gratin may look saucy, but once you spoon it onto your plate, you’ll be happy it is. Get the recipe for Blue Cheese Potato-Pear Gratin.

The sauce

Steeping cranberries in a berry lambic—particularly a tart kriek—amps up the sour factor, but dark brown sugar mellows it out. It’s still plenty tart, which works famously within an otherwise heavy holiday spread, but take liberty with the brown sugar and add more if you like yours sweet. Get the (three-ingredient!) recipe for Cranberry-Lambic Sauce.

The greens

Any staunch Brussels sprouts haters may very well change their minds after one bite of these tender wit-braised sprouts. Get the recipe for Wit-Glazed Brussels Sprouts.

The cake

Pumpkin pie reigns supreme, but this fluffy, supermoist cake challenges the throne. Its flavor comes from canned pumpkin plus a pumpkin ale, which returns to animate the cream cheese frosting with vivid seasonal spice. (Want to tone down the pumpkin? Make the icing with milk instead.) The sprinkle of chopped crystallized ginger over the top is optional, but we always dress up for the holidays. Get the recipe for Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Drizzle.

The apple dessert

If the aroma doesn’t sell you on these sweet squares, the fact that you don’t have to roll out pie crust will. Ready-made puff pastry becomes a flaky base for a pile of tender sautéed apples doused with hard cider syrup. Choose apples that hold their shape when cooked; look for Granny Smith, Jonagold or Gala varieties. Get the recipe for Spiced Apple Squares with Maple Whipped Cream.



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