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The beer lover’s ultimate tailgate

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Everyone will root for a pregame picnic with these parking-lot-tested, tailgater-approved dishes on the menu. Did we mention they’re all made with beer?

Braised all day in stout and seasonings, the beef in these sliders is packed with flavor; spicy horseradish cream, pickled onions and sharp Cheddar up the ante.
Smoky rauchbier and chipotle peppers lend heat to an easy barbecue sauce that’s great on just about anything grillable but is especially addictive on skewers of bacon and shrimp.
Beer-braised onions and peppers reinvigorate the classic Italian sub.
Cherry juice, ginger and a touch of simple syrup turn a sour beer into crowd-worthy punch.
IPA-simmered chicken melts with hot sauce for an addictive dip that’s more portable (and pleasantly gooier) than Buffalo wings.
Fruity lambic reduced to a syrup adds tang to an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce you’ll want to slather on everything.


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