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The best beer bars, chains edition

There can never be too much of a good thing when it comes to beer bars.


We’ve already ranked this year’s 100 best standalone beer bars in the country (OK, a few have siblings), but some of the top taverns come in multiples. Below, our favorite beer-bar chains.

World of Beer began with 500 brews at a single bar in Tampa, Fla.; now, beer-trained servers help drinkers navigate the bounty at 69 locations.

All 10 Ginger Man locations (seven in Texas, two in Connecticut and one in NYC), are loaded with cask ales and rare pours; most have a beer garden.

McMenamins goes beyond pubs (breweries! hotels! theaters!), but they still do bars better than most, with 66 muraled taverns soaked with regional craft.

The coolest thing about Ohio’s 21 Winking Lizard Taverns: the Tour of Beers. Drink 100 different pours in a year, and you score a coveted Tour Jacket.

Five Virginia Capital Ale Houses boast outstanding tap lists of Euro classics, national treasures and VA stars.

One of the world’s most heralded beer bars is now a franchise: Toronado’s Seattle outpost joined the San Fran original and its San Diego sister bar last fall.

Brooklyn’s finest beer-and-gaming hall Barcade claims five spots in New York, Jersey and Philly with the same combo of killer craft and classic arcade games.

Flying Saucer is still going strong with 16 national locations whose consistently thoughtful beer lists keep the Beer Knurds (Saucer regulars) coming back.

Michigan beer mecca HopCat now boasts four Midwest locations; watch for new hubs in Ann Arbor and Madison this year.

Missourians call it iTap; everyone else just calls International Tap House the best way to tick regional beers. Four sleek, industrial-style locations dot the state.

Oklahoma’s four James E. McNellie’s Public House pubs sling Southern suds from COOP, Anthem and hundreds more.


Jessica Daynor is DRAFT’s managing editor. Reach her at jessica.daynor [at] draftmag.com.


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