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The DRAFT sixer: Boston brews

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Not sure what to drink during Boston Beer Week? Hunt down this mix-pack of stellar Beantown brews.


Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet: Pithy grapefruit and piney hops dominate this black IPA, but hefty roasted malts ensure the bitterness won’t overpower your tongue.


Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale: Belgian yeasts inject spicy bite into this floral, citrusy pale ale.


Samuel Adams Summer Ale: This seasonal combines the effervescence of an American wheat with lemon peel and grains of paradise pops.



Berkshire Traditional Pale Ale: The sweet malts and earthy hops of this English-style pale are an ode to the city’s past.


Cisco Bailey’s Blonde Ale: A floral aroma and citrus finish scored this 5.3%-ABV refresher World Beer Cup gold.


Pretty Things Jack D’Or: It may come from a gypsy brewery, but this hopped-up saison’s buzz makes it an easy beer to track down.


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