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The most hipster beer in the world?

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This project is almost too surreal to believe, and yet, here it is: Churchkey Can Co., a new pilsner packaged in retro flat top cans, brought to life through an unlikely partnership between “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier and friend Justin Hawkins (who came up with the idea), the Ball Corporation (which designed the can), a few homebrewers in Portland, Ore. (who designed the recipe) and Two Beers Brewing (which brews the beer).

And so, in 2012, we have a canned beer that requires a church key to open. The flagship brand, Churchkey Pilsner, hits stores throughout Seattle and Portland on April 15. Could this be the most hipster beer in the world?

If you could bring back one piece of vintage beer culture, what would it be?


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  • Steve says:

    I want to punch everyone in that video in the face.

    The failure lies in the name.

    God, let me punch them all.

  • john dawkins says:

    Steve – Hipster Hater much?

  • Speedy the Schnauzer says:

    I’m 41 and I remember my parents and other, who were of age, using church keys. If I came across a can, I would have to buy one for the sake of at least opening it.

  • DuG says:

    “Hipster” or not, all that matters is if the beer itself is good. Everything else is just marketing. Nothing wrong with trying to sell your beer.

  • stacie says:

    Steve, I want to punch u in the face for ur rude comment. This looks to be a very successful beer! I’m excited to try it! Oh I already have and it’s delish!

  • Amin says:

    What about pull-tab cans?

    Honestly I’d be okay if “regular mouth” cans came back into popularity.. none of this “wide mouth” bullcrap.

  • Ferdinand says:

    I like the video ad, it was made nearly perfect and fun to watch. But don’t be fooled what it tries you to believe, that the beer taste is authentic, authentic is only the outside and the way to deal that, what leads back to “DuG”:”if the beer itself is good”
    Fazit; funny, nice try and nothing wrong to move us when based, like here, not on lies.

  • Art says:

    Steve’s correct, they all need a good punching. Can’t we get past these stupid mustaches and videos that look to be shot entirely on Instagram? This fake-vintage nonsense really, really needs to go.

    Gimmicky Crap.

  • Chris says:

    If you are under 50, chances are you don’t know what it is. So, apparently the people it’s talking to never had parents who did things traditionally or these people never had grandparents. Why are you suddenly “keeping the tradition alive” now? Can’t people just live their lives with a good respect of the past without trying to sell it like a comodity? Why do these people look standoffish and upset? One final thing…why does this have to be in “exclusive” neighboorhoods like LA or San Francisco, and why the hell does the food have to cost so damn much. The past should not be an “image”, it should be part of life that someone can go back to without putting a “hipster” label on it. It’s as if you are saying anyone who does not like us (hipsters) is unhip.

  • Mike says:

    Why can’t everyone just lighten up and have a beer? Everyone’s an expert in everything when they get their hands on a keyboard now.
    B,as in B. S,as in S.
    Critics and eunuchs can both tell you how.

  • josh says:

    damn, I thought of this a couple of years ago, and just never did anything about it. so it goes.

  • Alan says:

    Folks, it’s just beer.

  • Randy says:

    Did you hear about the new hipster beer can? It changes color when it’s not cool anymore

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