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The new IPA

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Just yesterday I mentioned the seemingly endless enthusiasm for Belgianizing beer styles (Belgian-style IPAs, stouts, cider, etc.), which is a trend rivaled in style-bending popularity by only the IPAization of beer styles (black IPA, wheat IPA, red IPA, etc).

With news from AC Golden Brewing, one more beer populates the latter trend: The IPL, or India pale lager. Through March 18, the brewery’s new hoppy lager will be on tap at Old Chicago locations throughout Colorado. This hefty 6.8%-ABV lager’s designed with Munich and pale malts, and hopped with Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook, clocking in at a powerful 75 IBUs.

But the real question is: What’s a better term to describe the “IPAization” of beer than “IPAization?” Hey, maybe that is the best term. You’re creative, you’re vocal—you tell me.

Write your best suggestions in the comments. Here are a few to get you started:
* Hopification
* IBUed
* Bitterized

Of course, if this all seems trivial (fair enough!), head over to DRAFT’s new Our Cellar blog, where you’ll find plenty of beer porn to take your mind off of inane questions such as these.

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  • Steve says:

    Given their popularity Black IPAs have an official name now: Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA)

  • Jester says:

    Hopification is nice though there are other beers where a noticeable hop note is acceptable (German Pils, etc). Plus with hopification, are you referring to bittering? Flavor? Aroma? Same thing with IBU’ed. When you examine the characteristics of a classic IPA – English, American, Imperial – you find some of the technical aspects in all of the beers listed at http://draftmag.com/features/ipas-13-ways/. For that reason, I would offer IPA’d. (Pronounced EYE PEE AID). Imagine Guiness just made stout with a noticeable hop bittering & aroma….stout IPA! It worked for Belgians, why not?!? Just can’t wait until we start using honey in everything…mead IPA…

  • B. Nektar Meadery says:

    Jester – Funny you mention a mead IPA. B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale, MI is about to release that very same thing around the end of April. It’s called the Evil Genius IPA-Style Mead. 6% ABV and lightly carbonated. Available in draft and bottles in 11 states. See our website for availability. http://www.bnektar.com



  • maltbarleyhops says:

    ive been using the term lupilinazation. but maybe myrcenized would be better?

    but for the ease of conversation “hopifacation’ might be better suited

  • BrewCity says:

    I kind of like “hopified”…IPAization reads weird because of that whole double vowel thing.

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