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The pro guide to GABF, part 3: Where to drink after the fest

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Falling Rock

The festival closes at 9 p.m., but there’s still more beer to be had in Denver. Brewers tell us where they go to when the sessions close.

Victor Novak, brewmaster at TAPS Fish House & Brewery

“Everyone goes to Falling Rock, which is great, but I would rather have a great meal and a couple of nice cocktails so I like The Squeaky Bean or Euclid Hall.”

Konrad Connor, head brewer at Redwood Brewing

“I would rather not give out my secrets! For selection of course, Falling Rock. My favorite spot though is My Brothers Bar on 15th and Platte. They have a small draft menu that ranges from imports to local craft beer. The food is great and they have an awesome beer garden out back.”

Brian Ford, founder and brewmaster at Auburn Alehouse

“Falling Rock (big surprise), for Irish we dig Katie Mullens and the Celtic Tavern, If we are for whiskey then Stranahan’s is a must. Martini’s at the Office are quite nice too!”

A.J. Stoll, head brewer at Figueroa Mountain Brewing

“I like Falling Rock (just like everyone else), Rock Bottom on 6th, Great Divide (though it closes earlier).”

Will Meyers, brewmaster at Cambridge Brewing

“You mean, provided I’ve got the energy to go drinking after pouring for and talking to 10,000 people? Falling Rock, of course. If I end up at The Ship after a session at Falling Rock, it’s guaranteed to be a good time but a rough morning.”

Bill Madden, CEO and head brewer at Mad Fox Brewing

“Once the beer sessions are done it’s a run to the Cruise Room for the rare time of the year I drink a nice, dry Bombay martini. Yum!”

Tomme Arthur, founder of The Lost Abbey

“It used to be Falling Rock all the time.  Now there are so many places.  It’s gotten very difficult to go anywhere after as the sheer density of attendees makes it rough. I’m becoming fond of hotel room parties with our friends that are quiet and relaxing in a way the bar is not.”

Marisa Selvy, co-owner and V.P. of marketing at Crazy Mountain Brewing

“FreshCraft is a great place to grab some pub food to soak up the alcohol while imbibing more beer at the same time. They have some awesome specialty tappings each night during GABF with brewmasters present to chat with customers. I also love Euclid Hall, just around the corner from FreshCraft; They have some great beer specials, exotic comfort food like a selection of poutine, as well as things like Belgian waffle ice cream sandwiches or their version of German man ‘n’ cheese: spaetzle with a creamy cheese blend and broccoli.”

Chris Furbacher, Grand Teton

“Lucky Pie. Great beer, great food, and it’s not as crowded as some of the other bars.”

This week, we’re bringing you tips from the experts on all things GABF. Still to come: How to beat a festival-size hangover, where to refuel around Denver, and how to score medal-winning beers. Previously: How to map out your GABF strategy, How to talk to brewers.



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