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This IPA is smoked with sheep droppings

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I imagine beer reps have a hard enough time explaining IPAs to craft beer newbies, but the new smoked West Coast-style IPA from Iceland’s Borg Brugghús, Fenrir Nr. 26, is really upping the challenge. It’s made with malts smoked by sheep, um, leftovers. Here’s how the brewer explains the beer:

“Do we put the shit in the bottle? Hell no! We take malts. We put it in a smoke oven, and put a sheep shit fire underneath. Let it stand for a couple of days, and voila. You have your sheep shit smoked base malts.”

And that’s how you begin to make a “sheep shit smoked IPA,” which allegedly balances a sharp, citrusy hop bite with deep, earthy smoke tones.

According to the video, sheep dung has long been used as a source of fuel in Iceland, primarily due to a lack of trees. So, I suppose this IPA isn’t that dissimilar to beers made with Scottish peat-smoked malts—except, you know, poop.

Watch the short promo for more on the beer, and for the pleasingly silly number of times the two guys say “sheep shit.”

European drinkers are already posting reviews online, and the beer’s slated to arrive Stateside soon.

On a scale of one to 10, how badly do you want to try this beer?


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