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This is your last beer


I know events like the Super Bowl are huge hooks to hang a beer advertising campaign, so it’s no surprise “the end of the world”—the greatest event ever?—is being targeted by beer commercials. At least, I guess it’s no surprise. Actually, I’m kind of surprised. We sure are a funny species.

Exhibit B: Shock Top Belgian White. (Click here for Exhibit A). If my last words are “Hmm, that’s real coriander,” then, well, I guess it doesn’t matter all that much. Who are you going to tell?

Not that anyone will be on Twitter to read your last Untappd tick, but what the heck: What beer would you want to tip back as the world around you goes up in an (probably) inglorious blaze?

I’ll take something really bitter.



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  • BrewHeads says:

    BrewDogs “End of History” the names fits perfectly…if i could get my hands on if. If the world was going ul in a blaze price wouldnt matter. Might as well go out with a bang.

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