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Train (and drink) like an Olympian

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Nick Symmonds is a highly decorated elite runner. He’s a two-time Olympian, World Championships silver medalist, and a 7-time NCAA champion.

But maybe even more impressive is his beer mile accomplishments.

Symmonds is a previous world record holder in the beer mile, which consists of chugging four beers while running four laps.

In 2012, he helped elevate the trend of filming and posting the beer mile challenge online. His run of 5 minutes 19 seconds went viral when it was posted on TMZ.com. The notoriety of Symmonds accomplishment helped make the beer mile more mainstream, and it attracted other elite runners to the sport.

Symmonds also ran in the inaugural beer mile world championships, but came up short to the winning time of 5 minutes flat.

In the following years, the beer mile attracted attention in features from ESPN and even the Wall Street Journal. Today, the beer mile world record is an astonishing 4 minutes and 34 seconds, accomplished by Corey Bellemore of Canada.

Now, there is even a movement to make the beer mile an official Olympics event. On one running message board, many speculate that he could be an Olympic beer mile champion, if the event existed on that stage.

In 2016, World of Beer launched a petition to elevate the beer mile into an Olympics event. “Yesterday’s fringe sport has evolved into a challenging, competitive and much-loved pastime,” the petition stated. “If tug-of-war can be in the games, why not beer mile? Let’s get it into the world’s games. Are you with us?”

So as you watch this year’s Olympics, know that in some ways elite Olympic athletes are just like the rest of us: They like to enjoy a beer (or four) with their training as well. They just do it slightly faster.

Week 7 #BeerFit CHALLENGE.

Train like a beer mile Olympian! If you don’t want to drink four beers while running a mile, do an interval workout on the track followed by enjoying a beer.

Post photos of yourself having a beer while watching the Olympics on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BeerFit



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