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What’s my age?

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Hopefully your Corona or Budweiser isn’t that old when you test it with the newly revamped MiBeerAge iPhone app, which allegedly calculates the age of your beer when you enter in the beer’s bottling code.

First the negative: After a quick test-drive around our office, this app appears to have its shortcomings. It’s limited to about 80 breweries, mostly macro breweries, and not all of the beers registered correctly: San Miguel clocked in at an impossible -2,320 days old/young.

This app certainly has massive potential, though. When it worked, it proved extremely useful. It accurately reminded us that we got the very first batch of Alaskan’s seasonal Black IPA (now 89 days old), and confirmed the age of a few beers we have hanging around in our photo library (Summit’s Honeymoon Saison, released last summer, came in at 240 days old). Of course, if you’ve got a cellar, this app would prove extremely useful, especially if it offered more craft brands (our 2010 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine registered at a seemingly accurate 789 days).

For the average macro lager drinker, this app will definitely ensure you’re drinking fresh beer. But, if it included more craft breweries, particularly from those that offer an IPA, I’d never go shopping without it again.


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  • foobrew says:

    Just installed it. I’ll give it shot on my cellar over the next week or so and see how it does. Lots of potential!

  • MiBeerAge says:

    A quick comment on San Miguel (-2320 days). We assumed that any San Miguel beer bottled before 2010 would have already worked its way through the system (both:distribution/human). So any 2009 beer will appear to the app as a 2019 beer, 2008/2018 etc. We’ll monitor this one and change as necessary. Input welcome at MibeerAge@gmail.com

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