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You tailgate? uKeg

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It’s fourth and goal with 4 seconds on the clock and you need to score here to take home the big trophy. You have spent the entire season perfecting your ability to throw your neighborhood’s best watch party, but this is no regular season game. No. This is the Super Bowl and the pressure is on. Will you serve your world-famous, dry-rub wings with a standard case on ice or pair them with yet another perfectly crafted, draft beer?

Your last growler of that seasonal winter IPA went flat after the first quarter, so you ended up having to send in the second string canned lager anyway. So why bother?


Well, it’s time you learned about football’s No. 1 draft of craft, GrowlerWerks’ uKeg. These self-regulated, self-pressurized mini-kegs fit perfectly on the edge of a tailgate or set amongst the food spread of your nearest “homegate.”

Developed by three beer lovers with an engineering problem, the uKeg is designed and crafted for beer. With vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel walls, an easy-to-use regulator cap, and low-cost, food-grade CO2 cartridges your beer is guaranteed to stay cold, fresh and carbonated. All. Game. Long.

You’ll be pouring fresh through the halftime show, past the gut-wrenching fourth quarter, and make sure to enjoy a pint on draft after you have cleaned up and stuffed your fridge with leftovers.


Whether you finish every last drop or still have some leftover, don’t worry. The uKeg guarantees to keep your beer carbonated for at least two weeks, they fit on every refrigerator shelf, and they are easy to clean.

Lastly, set the uKeg out to dry, sit back, and enjoy. You took home the
trophy. You took home a uKeg.

Shop The uKeg. Football’s No. 1 Draft Of Craft: www.GrowlerWerks.com & Show us how #uTailgate!


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