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Your next favorite IPA: Schlafly TIPA

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Over the holidays, I was introduced to two pretty awesome things—the first is pictured above. You can pick up those Scrabble-themed beer coasters over at SpoonSisters.com and spend 2013 spelling your way through pints of beer (check them out in DRAFT’s Nov/Dec issue for some high-scoring word tips). But, what should go in that pint? That’s the second surprise from last week: Schlafly TIPA.

First, the bad news: This special release, which launched in October, is only out through the end of the this month. If you live within Schlafly’s distribution, do not pass up the opportunity to hoard this beer. I can’t stress that enough. I would have bought cases, but could only manage to bring a sixer back from Kansas City to Phoenix.

Now, the good news: This will probably be your new favorite IPA. Billed as a Tasmanian IPA due to its use of Australian-grown Galaxy hops, this perfectly crafted brew is elegant, unusual and incredibly delicious. The hop character in both the aroma and flavor delivers mango, grapefruit, touches of white grapes and floral notes; perfectly paired with a light toasted, caramel malt base. Its bitterness is easy, its flavor is big and the fact that it’s brewed with a single hop and single malt variety (2-row) makes it even more impressive. Schlafly brewers are officially magicians.

At this point in the Australian and New Zealand hop invasion, I’ve had the chance to try plenty of beers that feature new flavors from Down Under, yet none have seemed so bright and interesting as Tasmanian IPA. So, go out and try it for yourself. Then join me in a spirited letter-writing campaign to convince the St. Louis brewery to make this beer year-round.

Got a favorite IPA brewed with new, unusual hops? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Stan Hieronymus says:

    Chris – to elaborate on availability. . . The last batch was bottled 12/11. The first batches of AIPA (A for American) have just been brewed, and will be available for 4 months, followed by 4 months of EIPA (E for Export).

    Then TIPA will be back, made from rather fresh (the Australian hop growing season being a mirror of ours) Galaxy hops.

  • Art Whitaker says:

    Chris-Please do not tell people to hoard beer

  • Troika Brodsky says:

    Stan is right in that we have designed our Special Release IPA Series to run in conjunction with the appropriate hop growing seasons. Each of our big IPA’s will be available for about 4 months starting with TIPA from Oct.-Jan., then American IPA or AIPA (http://schlafly.com/beers/styles/american-ipa/) from Feb.-May, and then Export IPA or XIPA (http://schlafly.com/beers/styles/export-ipa/) available from June -Sept.

  • Robert Fondren says:

    I had this beer on draft at Schlafly Bottleworks in December. Your description was very accurate. It was an excellent, fruity IPA.

  • Holly says:

    At the very least, don’t tell them to hoard IPAs. That bottle of TIPA is going to have none of those bright, delicious Galaxy notes left when you crack an old one open in a couple of months.

  • Holly Bell says:

    Can anyone tell me the exact availabilty of this awesome sounding beer? I’m from Las Vegas but happily fly all over the country just for good beer!

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