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You’re in charge! Steer our editor through SAVOR

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SAVOR, the highbrow beer/food pairing event put on by the Brewers Association, descends on New York this weekend. No tickets? No worries: Our editor-in-chief, Erika Rietz, is throwing her own preferences out the window and leaving her SAVOR experience in your hands. On Saturday, June 15, from 8 to 10 p.m., Erika will be live-Tweeting and Instagramming the pairings YOU pick… so it’ll (almost) feel like you’re there in the thick of all this culinary goodness.

Here’s the menu; give it a look, and when you come across a pairing that makes you drool, use the hashtag #feedme to tell her what to eat and drink. She’ll be live-Tweeting and Instagramming your picks @draftmag. Wanna know what the Harpoon IPA with slow-braised sticky pork tastes like? She’ll tell you. Want a shot of Cigar City Cucumber Saison with a fluke crudo-topped cucumber? She’ll snap a pic. With more than 70 beer/food pairings (curated by the great Adam Dulye), eating every single one is simply impossible. But Erika will get really full trying.

(And don’t bother suggesting Elysian’s Avatar Jasmine IPA paired with a celery shortbread cookie; she’s headed there first.)

Join the beer-food fun on Twitter @draftmag!




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