Corona Premier vs Corona Light: How Different Is the Low-Calorie Version

Corona Premier vs Corona Light

As a casual beer enthusiast, you may find it confusing how different the new Corona Premier is from the traditional Corona Light pint.


Launch Year - Premier: 2018, Light: 1989

Carbohydrates - Premier: 2.6g, Light: 5g

Protein - Premier: 0.7g, Light: 0.8g

Calorie Count: Premier: 90, Light: 99

Alcohol Content: Premier: 4%, Light: 4.1%

Corona Premier has lower carbohydrates (2.5 grams) than Corona Light (5 grams). Corona Premier is blander and watery than Corona Light.



Has a crisp and refined taste, has a fruit-honey aroma with a touch of the malt, containes 90 calories,  and 0.7 grams of protein with zero fat content.


Corona Premier Features


The lightest version of all the other beers produced by Corona, pale yellow, has a straw-colored hue, and has the same ingredients as Corona Light.

Corona Premier Facts


Smoother and tastes thinner, doesn’t have enough bubbles but has a warm, comforting taste; delicate palate and skunky nose; grainy, dry, and smooth.

Corona Light Features

The corona light alcohol content is low compared to Corona Extra, ABV of is 4.1 percent. calories stand at 99, and 0.8 grams of protein with zero fat content.


Corona Light Facts

Benefits of Lowe Calorie Beer

It improves good cholesterol. 


The all-natural alcoholic beverage is without any added preservatives.


It can boost your mood and make you feel relaxed.


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