9 Best Summer Beers: For the Coolest Summer Ever


9 Best Summer Beers

The best summer beers offer a refreshingly cool and frosty relief on a hot sunny day. We’ve compiled a list of the best summer beers from several experts and beer enthusiasts.


Saisons are one of the most popular varieties.

Another popular summer beers are either IPAs or pale ales.

Blondes summer beers are also recommended.

Citrus-flavored beers are also in the list.

Long-lasting foamy head, light profile, moderate carbonation, crisp, unique taste with less maltiness.


Sierra Nevada Summer Break

Nice fruity aroma, light profile, low alcohol content, nice carbonation, but a bit bland.


Hell or High Watermelon

Eye-catching appearance, sweet taste and fruity aroma, mild bitterness, clear, clean finish, with low hoppiness.


Corona Extra

No overpowering flavors, smooth taste, crisp finish with no enticing aroma. Well crafted with a well-balanced mix of hops and malts.


Miller Lite

Great color, wheat-like taste with hints of citrus, excellent fruity aromas but is too thin for a lager. It has a blend of citrus flavors and premium malted yeast.


Samuel Adams Summer Ale

With moderate carbonation, light body, subtle citrus flavors, nice color but a bit watered down. It has a clear peachy color and thick foam head.


Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat

This beer is easy to drink, with refreshing citrus-flavored taste, has clean finish, and a very light profile. It also has overpowering pine flavor and a little maltiness.


Founders All Day IPA

This summer beer has appealing appearance, light profile, it hass simple yet interesting taste and agreat finish, but has no malty base


Allagash White

Has nice carbonation, remarkable taste, a well-balanced malt and hops and has a smooth, clean finish, but this beer is too spicy.


Brooklyn Summer Ale


Summer beers are famous for the refreshing taste.


Sierra Nevada Summer Break beer is our top refreshing summer drink.


Saisons, IPAs, Blondes and Citrus-flavored beers are perfect for hot days.


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