How to Frost a Beer Mug: Enjoy Your Chilled Brew in a Unique Way

You might have thought about how to frost a beer mug as you gulp a glass of beer. As a beer lover, you might enjoy it at either room temperature or ice cold. If you enjoy chilled beer more, you might want to learn how to keep it cold for long as you drink.

How to frost a beer mug

This complete guide explains how you can frost a beer mug without spending much money or wasting your time with trial and error.

How to Properly Frost a Mug for Beer

You can properly frost a beer mug using a freezer, a portable glass froster, using ice and water, or even using damp paper towels! You’ll find detailed steps here, so grab your glass and get right to it!

Now let us talk about easy ways to frost a beer mug which also apply to how to frost glass.

– Using a Freezer

Although we are not freezing the beer glass itself, we can still use a freezer to have a nice cup of frosted beer. This is one of the quickest and most commonly used means. Other alternative methods all require the use of a freezer to make them work. However, you must be careful to regulate how long the mug will stay in the freezer so it does not get hardened by ice or even break.

Using a freezer

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Get your beer mug washed to get rid of dirt, soap residue or any form of dust.
  • Step 2: Have the mug dipped into cold water so there are water droplets on its body and it is at room temperature. This will help speed up the frosting process as these droplets condense into ice crystals, forming a film.
  • Step 3: Put the wet mug into a freezer, leaving it there for about an hour depending on how long it usually takes to freeze.
  • Step 4: Bring out the frosted mug and pour in your desired beer.

Take note that not every mug or glass used in consuming beer can be kept in a freezer for a long period of time, so ensure you work with a strong type of glass.

– Using a Portable Glass Froster

You might have probably seen a commercial glass froster in a bar. It is simply a machine that frosts glass within seconds by spraying liquid carbon dioxide on the glass. The portable glass froster is designed similarly, but it is smaller in size and perfect for use within the home. It is expensive, so it is not commonly used today, even though it is faster and not as stressful to use.

However, if you want to make use of one, here is how:

  • Step 1: Once the machine is turned on following its instructions, the beer mug can be placed below the froster’s lamp head, which sprays the liquid gas on it.
  • Step 2: The mug is placed there for around 5 seconds until the frost forms. It can be turned on and off at intervals so the mug does not freeze.
  • Step 3: You can then pour your beer into the glass and enjoy.

– Using Ice and Water

If you cannot wait a long time for your frosted mug in the freezer, here is an alternative. All you need is ice cubes and cold water. Remember, water on the mug helps with the condensation process, so water that is put in the mug will also help increase the frosting rate.

Using ice and water

Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Put some ice cubes into the beer mug and shake so the cubes touch every inner part.
  • Step 2: Pour cold water into the mug until it is filled.
  • Step 3: Proceed to place this mug in a freezer for around 5-8 minutes.
  • Step 4: After a thin layer of frost has formed on the mug, bring it out and pour away the water and ice. Then you can fill the mug with your preferred beer.

Take note that ice cubes are not used in beer, so do not forget to throw them out.

– Using Damp Paper Towels

You read that right — wet paper towels can help get your beer mug frosted. They serve as an intermediary for the air temperature around the mug, so the condensation and evaporation processes are faster. This is one convenient method since paper towels are not hard to find. However, they do not work alone in the frosting process.

These are the steps involved:

  • Step 1: Get damp paper towels and wrap them around the beer mug. The towel should just be enough to cover the entire body of the mug.
  • Step 2: Keep the wrapped mug in a freezer for about 3 to 4 minutes. The moisture from the paper towels will produce frost, covering the outside of the mug.
  • Step 3: Bring out the mug and you can pour your beer into it.

– Using Vodka

We know we are talking about beer in this article but do you know that vodka can also give your beer mug that frosted look it deserves? Not to worry, you do not have to mix both drinks; only the mug is coated with vodka. If you have vodka lying around, here is how to use it:

Using vodka
  • Step 1: Keep the vodka in the freezer overnight and take it out the following day.
  • Step 2: Pour the vodka into a clear glass until it is half-filled or about three-quarters full. Ensure the vodka spreads well around the glass by moving it around for about a minute until you see frost forming.
  • Step 3: Pour out the vodka from the mug.
  • Step 4: Use a lint-free towel to gently wipe off the remaining traces of the vodka from the mug and then proceed to pour in your beer.

– Drinking From a Frosted Mug

Should beer glasses be chilled? After all, the beer itself is cold. Well, frosted beer mugs are often trademarks of any bar you walk into. There is something refreshing about chugging down beer in a frosted glass mug for beer lovers.

You might wonder how this is done and if you can get it done within the comfort of your home. You can have your frosted beer mugs personalized, and rest assured that your overall beer-tasting experience will improve.

– Important Things To Note

Frosting a beer mug might seem as simple as ABC, but not everyone can pull it off as it is quite a delicate process. Hence, you should keep some basic do’s and don’ts in mind while carrying it out. These are the do’s first:

  • If you are putting a drinking glass in a freezer, check it from time to time so you do not end up with a frozen glass. So you can either bring the mug out of the freezer before it begins to freeze or turn off the entire freezer when it is frosted well enough for you.
  • Make sure you are using a clean mug, as dirt or unwanted particles could interfere with the taste of the beer
  • Open and close the freezer’s door at intervals so warm air can get trapped in the freezer and form that thin pale white layer of ice that gives a frosted look.
  • Use beer mugs made of very strong and thick glass that will not easily break or crack from cold or ice.
  • Place the beer mugs in an area with enough space to allow the frosting process to take place on individual mugs without interference or being disturbed by surrounding containers or glass cups.

Mistakes To Avoid

The following are errors you must look out for when frosting a beer mug:

Mistakes to avoid
  • Avoid pouring just any beer into a frosted beer mug. First, you want to ensure that the beer you are pouring into a frosted mug will not have its taste altered due to temperature changes.
  • Do not let the beer glass freeze as a frozen glass would result in the beer releasing carbon dioxide, which could alter the beer’s taste
  • If you are using a freezer to frost a beer mug, do not place the mug on a frozen surface so it does not get stuck as you are trying to get it out. There is also a higher risk of the mug breaking.
  • A hot beer mug should not be put into the freezer due to a significant difference in temperature, which could cause the mug to break.
  • For beers only served in stemmed glasses, do not place them in a freezer as they would not only stick to the surface of the freezer but could also break.

How To Get the Right Beer Mug for Frosting

Glass mugs are perfect for frosting, but acrylic and plastic mugs can also do the job; frosted root beer mugs are usually the go-to for enjoying a chilled beer. Several portable freezer beer mugs are long-lasting and come in different designs.

Now that you know how to frost a beer mug, you might be asking what type of mug to get. The kind of mug you frost goes a long way in improving your overall experience of enjoying your chilled beer. First, you need to note that using fragile glass is terrible as you risk smashing it into pieces. Also, large, tall mugs that weigh about 12 ounces on average should be considered.


– Do “Frozen ” and “Frosted” Beer Mugs Mean the Same Thing?

No, these are not the same thing; while both terms require the same process, freezing starts after frosting is completed. Frosted technically means “chilled,” while frozen means that ice has already been formed.

You might have used the words “frozen” and “frosted” interchangeably as synonyms; while there is no crime in that, they do not mean the same thing. “Frosted” also means “chilled,” which is the starting point of freezing. This frost can be seen on the body of a glass or mug as a thin layer of ice appearing as a white film that can fade quickly. Does that look familiar?

“Frozen,” on the other hand, is a state where ice has been formed and has hardened the substance. Here, a thicker film forms on the beer glass that holds the content. This takes longer to melt than the rate of frosted beer mug sublimation.

Frozen beer is not always an option due to how the frozen sensation affects the taste of the beer, making it less enjoyable. So while both kinds require the same process, freezing starts after frosting is completed. Therefore, our focus in this article was to discuss how to frost beer mugs without freezing them.


In this complete guide, you have learned how to get the best frosted beer mugs tips. Here is a summary of the article:

  • You can frost a beer mug by placing it in a freezer, using ice cubes, vodka, damp paper towels or a portable glass froster.
  • You should make sure you use the right kind of beer glass and beer while frosting so you do not mess up the beer’s taste or risk the glass breaking.
  • There is a thin line between freezing and frosting so ensure you are time conscious in order to do it correctly.

Did you get thirsty reading this guide? Get that frosted pint glass or beer stein and pour yourself a nice glass of craft beer — enjoy!

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