Does CVS Sell Beer? Rules, Eligibility, and Schedules Explained

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Does CVS sell beer?” you should know that this is based on the legal age of the drinker and the laws of the area where you live. With diverse offerings ranging from groceries to postage stamps, this U.S. leading drugstore chain is giving a head-on fight to America’s leading retailers and convenience stores.

Does cvs sell beer

However, liquor laws vary significantly in each province, so you should find out if your nearby CVS sells beer before heading to the nearest store. We’ve got you covered this time; find out everything about beer sales at CVS in this guide.

Does CVS Sell Beer?

Yes, CVS (Consumer Value Store), a drugstore turned general store, sells beer based on the legal age of the consumer (above 21 years in most states), state laws, and regulations. In fact, due to some relaxation in licensing laws, beer is the most common alcoholic beverage available at CVS.

Recently, the CVS store has become a one-stop destination for buying all your daily required products, from medicines, birthday cards, cleaning supplies, toilet trees, and snacks to groceries, but beers are only available in-store at CVS and not online.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the CVS public relations director confirmed that roughly half of their 7,400 stores sell some combination of wine, beer and spirits. However, only some CVS general stores sell beers due to state-specific liquor laws.

You can use an online interactive map to see your state’s alcohol laws and regulations. Also, before heading to a CVS store to grab a pint or two, it is advisable to confirm the beverage’s availability.

– Is Beer Available in All CVS Stores?

Not all CVS stores have beer, but beer is available in most of the CVS Stores across the country. The sale of beer in grocery stores is relaxed in most provinces. However, CVS’s general store must obtain a license to sell beer.

Beer available in all cvs stores

You can find almost all popular beer brands at CVS, like Bud, Castelain Blond, Kona Castaway IPA, Cascade, and more. However, in states where the sale of beer is not permitted in convenience stores, CVS stores do not stock any alcohol. Still, with valid licenses, they can sell alcohol only in specialized locations that are off-premises.

In such provinces, you can not get beer in CVS convenience stores or even in Walmart. For instance, states like Kansas and Mississippi only allow licensed liquor stores to sell wine and liquor.

– What Time Does CVS Sell Beer?

CVS shops sell beer during regular store hours, but this might vary based on regional laws. For instance, in some regions, CVS stores do not sell beer on Sundays. However, it is important to note that 24-hours CVS convenience stores stop selling beers beyond 10:00 pm.

The reason behind this is to curb drunk-driving incidents at night, which are most likely to happen if they continue serving alcohol throughout the night.

– Does CVS Sell Beer on Sunday?

Only some CVS stores in the U.S. sell beer on Sunday because CVS stores follow the state’s rules and regulations for selling alcohol on Sunday. Some states prohibit the sale of liquor on Sundays or state holidays like Thanksgiving.

The good news is you can get a beer at CVS on Sundays where regional laws permit. You can get beer in CVS convenience stores in these provinces as per authorized timings. For instance, In Texas, the sale of alcohol at a convenience store is not permitted until noon on Sundays.

Does cvs sell beer on sunday

The law which regulates selling liquor on Sundays or special holidays is named “Blue Laws.” But different laws govern convenience stores that are permitted to stock liquor, so instead of searching randomly, call the local CVS pharmacy to clear your doubts.

– Does CVS Sell Alcoholic Beverages Other Than Beer?

Yes; beer and wine remain the most stocked alcoholic beverages in CVS stores as they get more preference over hard liquors in state regulations, but you can also find alcohol such as beers, wine, vodka, and other liquors in CVS stores, depending on their license.

You can choose from a wide range of Wines, including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pink Moscato, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. CVS also sells vodka from popular brands in their licensed stores. You can expect Smirnoff, SKYY, and many more.

Some CVS stores also offer rum, whisky, gin, and tequila from popular brands like Jack Daniel’s, Absolut, Rosebrook, and Bacardi.

– Why Did CVS Start Selling Alcohol?

CVS decided to add alcohol to its portfolio to outpace the competition and increase profitability. According to an application filed with D.C. alcoholic Beverage Regular Administration, CVS’s field marketing manager stated that current government policies are not favorable for margins on pharmaceutical products.

Cvs start selling alcohol

Moreover, an increase in one-stop destination shopping, such as Walmart, posed a threat to their business model. So, to be a frontrunner in the game, CVS started to sell consumable products and, with time, added alcohol to its menu. Today, CVS’s net worth is more than $67 billion.

This CVS health-owned pharmacy chain sells prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, groceries, beauty products, and many more items. Because of intense competition from other big chains, CVS has decided to expand their products to keep up with consumer demands.

– Does CVS Sell Good Beer?

Yes, CVS is known for offering high-quality products from popular brands. The same is the case with alcohol. You can find beer, wines, and other finest quality alcohol at CVS stores. When it comes to taste and preferences, there is something for everyone.

You can find beer from well-known brands such as Bud, Castelain Blond, Kona Castaway IPA, Cascade, Lindemans Cassis and many more. Moreover, with a CVS ExtraCare membership, you can get great discounts on its wide variety of products.

– The Alcohol Return Policy of CVS

CVS doesn’t specifically mention alcoholic beverages in its return guideline. However, most stores do not accept the returns of food products, even if they have not been opened.

Alcohol return policy of cvs

Furthermore, in some states, you can only return spoiled alcoholic beverages, so the best way to find out if you can buy or return alcohol at CVS is by contacting a nearby CVS store.

Why Don’t All CVS Stores Sell Alcohol?

Each state or territory has a different set of rules for the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of alcohol, and CVS stores are no exception here as each store is bound by regional laws and regulations.

The 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution gives states and counties the freedom to regulate liquor laws independently, so regional authorities can regulate liquor laws after accessing different aspects such as crime rates or type of settlement (Urban or Rural). For instance, some states allow the sale of beer, wine, or liquor at grocery stores, but others allow only beer.

For a better understanding, let us look at some popular state liquor laws:

– Washington DC

Here are the laws governing Washington DC:

Beer disponibility on washington dc
  • Type of alcohol allowed at grocery stores: Beer, Wine, and Liquor
  • Bar close timings: 2:00 am
  • No restriction on alcohol sales on Sundays
  • Off-premises sales hours: Sunday to Saturday (6:00 am to 2:00 am)

– Florida

Here are the laws governing Florida:

  • Type of alcohol allowed at grocery stores: Beer and Wine
  • Liquor is only allowed at liquor stores
  • Bar close timings: 2:00 am
  • No restriction on alcohol sales on Sundays
  • Off-premises sales hours: Sunday to Saturday (7:00 am to 3:00 am)

– Texas

Here are the laws governing Texas:

Texas beer availability
  • Type of alcohol allowed at grocery stores: Beer and Wine
  • Liquor is only allowed at liquor stores
  • Bar close timings: 2:00 am
  • All liquor stores are closed on Sundays, sale of alcohol at the grocery store is not permitted until noon
  • Off-premises sales hours: Monday to Saturday (6:00 am to 2:00 am), Sunday (12:00 pm to 12: am)

– Mississippi

Here are the laws governing Mississippi:

  • Type of alcohol allowed at grocery stores: Only Beer
  • Wine and liquor are only available at Liquor stores
  • Bar close timings: 2:00 am (vary from county to county)
  • All liquor stores are closed on Sundays
  • Off-premises sales hours: Monday to Saturday (10:00 am to 10:00 pm)

– What Time Does CVS Stop Selling Alcohol in Indiana?

CVS in Indiana sells alcohol as per general store timings. However, CVS grocery stores can not sell alcohol after 10:00 am and on Sundays, as local law only allows restaurants and wineries to be open on Sundays. The timing for selling alcohol at off-premises locations is Monday to Saturday (7 a.m. to 3 a.m).

You can clearly see the striking difference between the sale of liquor at stores and the schedules. Furthermore, in states where laws permit the sale of liquor in convenience stores, additional licenses to sell alcohol are also imperative.

You can not find beer at CVS convenience stores that do not have a license to sell alcohol, even if state law permits it. So, before heading to grab a beer from a nearby CVS store, we recommend you confirm first.


– Does CVS Sell Beer in NY?

Yes, as per New York’s state liquor law, a convenience store can sell beer but no wine or other hard liquor, so the CVS store must obtain a license or permit from the regional authority to sell beer.

Because of this, only licensed CVS general stores can sell beer in NY. For wine and hard liquor, you may have to visit designated liquor stores.

– Does CVS in Washington DC Sell Alcohol?

Yes; licensed CVS Stores can sell alcohol in Washington DC. There is no restriction on selling alcoholic beverages in a grocery store in this state. Moreover, there is no restriction on selling alcohol on Sundays, so you can easily get alcohol at licensed CVS stores in Washington DC.

– Does CVS Sell Beer in Texas?

Yes, you can get beer and wine at CVS stores in Texas. However, these stores need to get a license from local authorities to sell alcohol. It is important to note that liquors are not available in these stores. Also, you can not purchase alcohol until noon on Sunday.

– What Kind of Alcohol Does CVS Sell?

CVS sells beer, wine, and liquor from well-known brands as per state liquor laws. You can find beer, rum, whisky, vodka, gin, and tequila from popular brands such as Jack Daniel, Smirnoff, Bud, Bacardi, Cascade, and more.


We tried to answer every question related to beer sales at CVS, and in conclusion, CVS does sell beer, but you must check your state liquor laws before heading to buy alcohol at your nearby CVS store. Meanwhile, let us sum up this article for you:

  • CVS stores sell beer as per regional laws and to the individual of the legal drinking age.
  • Not all CVS sell beer, as production, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages vary significantly across the U.S.
  • Similarly, CVS starts and stops selling beer according to state laws. While some states allow the sale on Sunday, others do not.
  • Where law permits, you can also buy wine, vodka, whisky, and other hard liquors at CVS.
  • It is good practice to confirm from the nearby store if they sell alcohol before visiting.

CVS strives hard to bring more convenience to the table for customers, but in this case, CVS has to sell beer as per rules and regulations, which might cause some inconvenience. However, for any doubts, CVS is just a call away.

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