What Is a Super Soft Birthday Party? What You’ll Need To Throw One

super soft birthday party what you need to know

A super soft birthday party will help you make your friend or loved ones feel special on their birthday. This is a type of party filled with childish shenanigans and hijinks perfect for an adult turning 30 and a to-be ten year old.

Remember, only adults drink the super soft drinks, even on a ten year old’s birthday.

Read this complete guide to know what it takes to throw an amazing birthday party like the Letterkenny birthday crew.

What Is a Super Soft Birthday Party?

A super soft birthday party is a traditional party that has existed for a very long time and is the ideal choice for your dear friend who loves to have fun on their birthday. You can make the day very special for them with this birthday party idea, and it includes factors such as drinks, food, and decor.

Things You Need for a Great Party

Here are the top items you will need to throw a happy super soft birthday party:

– Super Soft Drinks

You can’t throw a soft birthday party with gin and tonic. You need some refreshing chilled drinks like those with umbrellas in them. These kinds of drinks may and may not be garnished with cherries and pineapples.

These include purple passion punch, Flirtini, Lemon Gingerini, Sparkling Mango Sorbet Float, Corrabelo Love  Potion and Apricot Toblerone Cocktail. You can watch tutorial videos if you don’t know how to make these.

Who said you couldn’t drink beer at these kinds of parties? Some super soft birthday party beers you can use include:

  • High Ground Brewing Golden Stout
  • Garrison City Milkshake IPA
  • 515 Brewing Birthday Cake Coffee Stout

– Decorations

What’s a birthday party without decorations? However, in this case, the birthday party decorations also have to be super soft. Some of the ideas you can take inspiration from are the super soft birthday signage, crazy straws, butterfly-themed noise makers and plastic martini glasses.

You can’t forget the birthday balloons, a bounce house, a power wheels jeep, inflatable palm trees and streamers. Remember that you can always design these decorations to your taste.

– Food

Think of charcuterie; it is perfect for this birthday bash! Well, super soft does not necessarily mean choosing physically soft foods. But if that’s what you want, why not?

Consider having plenty of cotton candy stands at the party. A DIY Fondue Buffet and Max & Cheese packets are the ideal choices. Even you will be proud of your efforts.

– Karaoke Machine

You may consider playing the songs of One Direction, Backstreet Boys, All You O-Town or N’Sync. These are all excellent choices for having a Boy Band Karaoke with your friends.

However, if you want the whole idea of “super soft,” you should try New Kids songs with a Sparkling Sorbet Float in your hands while riding a unicorn. It doesn’t get better than that!

– Horse

This is clearly for the unicorn rides. However, some regions prohibit having a real-life horse at parties. Therefore, you may have to buy a stuffed unicorn to have the best experience.

– Cupcake Decorating Station

Consider a lot of icing. Instead of applying frostings using a knife or spatula, piping is more convenient. You should also consider adding a variety of toppings. Rainbow sprinkles may just do the trick.

– Super Soft Birthday Party Outfit

If you’re wondering what to wear to a super soft birthday party, stop stressing about it. The outfit can be very simple. It often includes a crown for the guest of honor, conical party hats, feather boas, plaid shirts and overalls.

– Hockey Players

The party wouldn’t be complete without a couple of hockey players. These players spend most of their time checking themselves out in the mirror, running around in parking lots, and cruising in their jeep. Everyone has a handful of these types of buddies, so they’re not too difficult to find.

– Laneway

The pre-party fight will happen here. You must have Leterkenny’s best whiskey available here. Gus N’ Bru is excellent for pre-fight routines.

– Killer Right Hook

If some local thugs show up at the party asking for a shot at the title, you have to give it out. It is only normal that the losing gang should then be invited to the party and given a drink, preferably a Puppers Beer. This serves as a sign of good manners.

The Letterkenny Episode

The second overall episode of the series is titled Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Party. Most people first learned about the custom from there. The episode is very funny and digs deep into different personalities and the many situations that they encounter.

Wayne and Katie, the main characters, work together to throw Daryl the best birthday celebration ever. At the end of the episode, everyone is having a blast at Wayne and Katie’s house after a series of shenanigans and mischief. You should see the episode for yourself and consider throwing a birthday bash just like the ones they did!

Super Soft Birthday Party on a Budget

Follow these tips to throw one of the best birthday parties while maintaining a budget:

– Do Not Invite a Lot of People

A lot of the expenses for a birthday party are calculated per person. Therefore, adding an extra ten guests to your guest list can cost you hundreds or even more dollars. Reduce the number of guests to only your closest pals if you’re trying to celebrate on a tight budget.

– Let Your Guests Bring Their Drink

The price could skyrocket if you intend to serve beer at your party. When buying beer for a group of 12 or more, the cost can quickly reach hundreds of dollars or perhaps much higher. Another option is to celebrate your birthday without any alcohol. Allow guests to bring their drinks to your celebrations instead of buying alcohol.

– Make Your Food

If you’re not a fantastic cook, you might think this is a bad idea, but there are many alternatives. You could ask a few friends and family members to help you with the catering for your guests. You can also discover many excellent recipes created for cooks with little to no expertise on the internet.

– Use a Free Venue

If you’re not careful, places like restaurants and bars may consume your entire budget. You can search for public spaces like beaches and parks. They often offer cost-free settings for bringing people together. You may even use your house or garden for the celebration.

– Get Help From Friends and Family

The finest resources for cheap parties are your friends and family. You might be able to persuade your neighbor down the street to donate some party supplies. Your nephew and his band may also be willing to perform for free or cheap. You’ll be amazed at what you get if you reach out.


how to organize super soft birthday party

We’ve discussed some essential things about organizing a super soft birthday party. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • If a family member or close buddy’s birthday is coming up, a super soft party is definitely the best choice.
  • It is a  party with childish shenanigans and hijinks that is perfect for both an adult turning 30 and a 10-year-old. Super soft birthday parties are a tradition that has existed for a long time.
  • You’ll need decorations, food and drink, the right clothes, a horse, hockey players, a karaoke machine and so on.

Make your loved ones feel special by throwing an amazing party using the tips discussed above. They are sure to have a happy birthday!

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