Etensel Beer

Etensel beer is a fictional beer that is featured in the popular BBC series “Death In Paradise.” In this post, we will delve into the allure of Etensel beer, explore its origins, and share insights to help you appreciate its fictional yet enticing charm.

Etensel beer Fictional beer

The famous beer from the series is an iconic piece featured throughout the popular BBC crime drama. From detectives to the residents of the island, Etensel Beer tends to be part of the island life, being drunk at local hangouts, communal events, and by the detectives themselves after a busy day at work.

The Death in Paradise cast’s frequent indulgence in the drink during memorable scenes has contributed to the audience developing a shared fondness for Etensel Beer. So much so that it led to many fans and beer lovers scouring around the Caribbean islands for the elusive Etensel Beer, but to no avail. 

Producers of the series fabricated this product to give it the authenticity of the region. The logo itself features palm trees on a small island with exotic birds native to the Caribbean, contributing to this convincing illusion that the beer is actually brewed there.

However, that is not the case. Etensel Beer is in fact a prop and does not exist in real life. So much for getting your hands on a bottle to see how it tastes, eh… 

While it may hurt to have to come to terms with the fact that Etensel beer doesn’t exist, other beers on the tropical island of Guadeloupe are just as good to sip on during a pleasant vacation there. Let’s take a look at some of the best breweries and its beers!

Is Etensel Beer Real?

No, Etensel beer is not a real beer. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but it is a bitter truth that Etensel is only a fictional beer that found a lot of interest after featuring in the BBC series Death In Paradise. After running from every pillar to post, we have to come to terms with the fact that Etensel beer doesn’t exist.

We have made peace with this fact, and you should too. However, the good news is we found several unique beers from Guadeloupe that can be good alternatives to Etensel. We’ve curated this list of the most popular breweries in the area along with their most well-loved drinks.

Les Bieres de la Lezarde

Popular Breweries in Etensel’s Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe and the Caribbean have some unique offerings that are not less than Etensel in any aspect. Dive into the world of these magically-crafted beers from Guadeloupe.

Les Bières de la Lézarde

Located on the banks of Lézarde in Guadeloupe, this brewery is credited with brewing Lézarde, the only craft beer on the island. The brewery offers some of the finest Belgian-style ales, dark lagers, and pale ales, but the main attraction is their selection of blonde ales.

The most noted one from the selection of blond alès is Lézarde Gingembre. As the name suggests, it is a ginger flavor ale resulting from the characterful infusion of ginger flavor. Some of the noted offerings from this famous brewery in Guadeloupe include:

  • Lézarde Blanche, Witbier / Belgian White Ale, 5.5  percent
  • Lézarde Blonde, Blonde Ale / Golden Ale, 5.5 percent
  • Lézarde Gwozèy Péyi, Flavored, 5.5 percent
  • Lézarde Dark, Dark Lager – Dunkel / Tmavý, 6.5 percent
  • Lézarde Whisky Pale Ale, Pale Ale – American (APA)
  • Lézarde Das, Blonde Ale / Golden Ale, 4.7 percent
Gwada Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe

Gwada (Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe)

This is another popular and reputed brewery located in Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe. They are well-known for producing an extensive range of beer varieties similar to Lézarde, including Caribbean Lager and Czech-style pilsner.

However, the most lauded beer by the Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe is the Double Bock Rhum. It is a double fermented beer that is dark in color with both aroma and taste profiles similar to a rum. That is because of the second fermentation process in old agricultural rum barrels.

Quality is the watchword of Gwada beer. The brewers ensure handpicking only the finest ingredients and carry out the production completely hands-on. Their beer range is unpasteurized to offer the tastiest and freshest beers.

Some of the must-try beers include:

  • Gwada original- Craft Caribbean lager style, 4.7 percent ABV
  • ECI- handmade Tropical Weiss beer, 4.7 percent ABV
  • Gwada magma- Caribbean Abbey style, 6.9 percent ABV
Brasserie du Corsaire – COFRIGO

Brasserie du Corsaire – COFRIGO

This brewery is credited with brewing Corsaire, the unofficial beer of Guadeloupe. This typical Caribbean lager is light, crisp, and refreshing, perfect for steamy Caribbean temperatures. Furthermore, despite being a light beer, it clocks an ABV of 5.4 percent, which is more than popular beers such as Coors Light or Budweiser.

However, after the closure of the Guadeloupe brewery in 1995, this quintessential local beer has been produced in Trinidad at Carib brewery. Some of the noted brews of Brasserie du Corsaire are:

  • Cofrigo La Meuse Pale Lager – American 4.2
  • Corsaire Malta Low / No Alcohol Beer – Pale
  • Corsaire Bière Caribéenne Pale Lager – American 5.4
Etensel beer Carebbian beer

Brasserie Artisinale de Deshaies

This is another smaller brewery located on the main Riflet road on the island. Owners Aline and Philips’ passion for brewing reflects in their Karett beer range. This small brewery focuses on three artisanal, unfiltered beers based on natural ingredients.

The range of beers includes golden ale, Belgian-style white ale, and Rhum beer. Amongst all, Rhum beer Karett Au Rhum Vieux is the most popular one. It is a blonde ale with a traditional Guadeloupe rum flavor. This sweet and malty blonde ale has a warm taste of rum.

Some of the must-try beers include:

  • Karett Ambrée, Dark Lager, 6 percent abv.
  • Karett Bière de Noël, Herb and Spice Beer, 6.50 percent abv.
  • Karett Blanche, Belgian Style Wit, 5.10 percent abv.
  • Karett Blonde, International-Style Lager, 5.30 percent abv.
Brasserie du Corsaire – COFRIGO

LéKouz Bières

LéKouz brewery is located in the heart of the town of GOYAVE. Visitors can enjoy the soothing climate with a view of Mateliane mountain. With an international team of brewers, this brewery has been producing some of the finest and most refreshing beers in Guadeloupe since 2018.

The brewery claims to use Guadeloupe spring water, malts, yeast and hops of the highest quality. Moreover, ingredients like aromatic plants, fruits and spices are locally sourced. However, the brewery lacks the variety offered by Gwada or Lézarde breweries.

Still, it has an impressive lineup of brown and blond ales. Out of all, LéKouz Blanche Citron Vert is very popular. Unlike traditional Caribbean beers, this ale is more like European brewed wheat beers.

  • LéKouz  Ambrée, Amber Ale, 5.8 percent
  • LéKouz Brune, Lager-Dunkel, 5.2 percent
  • LéKouz  Blanche, Witbier. 4.9 percent
  • LéKouz Blonde, Belgian-style blonde, 5.2 percent

Fictional Beers Similar to Etensel

Undoubtedly, Etensel is just a fictional beer. However, it isn’t the only fictional beer that exists in the real world. Instead, there are several fictional drinks, especially fictional beers, which have become the popular staple of stories in pop culture.

Occasionally, such fictional beers pierce the reel boundaries and become part of reality. Some of the most popular examples of the fictional beers other than Etensel beer include:


Heisler beer

Heisler is often considered the best fake beer brand on screen. The ubiquity is such that it is tagged as “the Bud Light of fake beers.” This fake beer is a creation of the Hollywood prop house Independent Studio series.

It featured in several TV shows and movies such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Stranger Things” before Barb disappeared, “True Detective,” “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and “Dear White People.” You can easily notice your favorite character holding a pint with a blocky white “Heisler” branding over it.

Duff Beer

Duff Beer

In the television world, Duff beer is considered the most iconic beer. The beer garnered popularity after being featured in the animated world of “The Simpsons.” On the screen, several recurring characters could often be seen drinking this iconic beer. It is Homer Simpson’s favorite pick, and the beer is presented as a stereotypical American lager that is heavily marketed, cheap, and of poor quality.

The origin of the Duff beer is fictional, but a real Duff beer exists as well. In 2015, the producers of the show decided to sell the licensed Duff beers in Chile. Dominantly, the real beer is sold in three different variations at Universal Studios Florida. In 2016, the same beer was recognized by Time as the most influential fictional beer of all time.

Jekyll Island Lager and Red Ale

Jekyll Island Lager and Red Ale

It is the most ubiquitous beer that has ruled the screens for the last two decades. Jekyll Island, a prop created by Independent Studio Services, is featured on several big and small screens.

This fictional beer first appeared in the 2002 film “The Rules of Attraction.” After that, it also featured in popular shows such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Lost,” “New Girl,” “Dexter,” “Burn Notice,” “Community,” and more. The brand brews red ales, lagers, and root beers.

Buzz Beer

Buzz Beer

The “Drew Carey Show” aired for nearly a decade, and in this series, the main character and his buddies are seen brewing a unique recipe known as Buzz beer. This homemade beer is brewed inside a garage and consists of equal parts lager and coffee. The popularity of this beer can be ascertained from the fact that Buzz beer became a fixture in the households of every beer lover.

Romulan Ale

Romulan Ale

Another popular fictional on-screen beer brand is the Romulan Ale of “Star Trek” fame. People often wondered about the fancy bluish beer consumed by their favorite characters in TV and film series.

According to the “Star Trek Cookbook,” a unique combination of seltzer water mixed with Glacier Freeze Gatorade is the secret recipe for Romulan Ale. The same beverage was offered to guests of the Star Trek Experience theme park in Las Vegas.


What other fictional beers apart from Etensel have been featured in movies?

Some other fictional beers featured in movies include Duff Beer from The Simpsons, Butterbeer from Harry Potter, and Pawtucket Patriot Ale from Family Guy.

Was Etensel the only beer featured in Death in Paradise?

No, other beers have been featured in Death in Paradise, such as Belikin Beer from Belize and Piton Beer from Saint Lucia.

What beer is Guadeloupe famous for?

Guadeloupe is not particularly known for any specific beer.

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Wrapping Up

Like Etensel beer, several other on-screen beer brands have taken on a life of their own. Therefore, forget Etensel and try some of the unique Caribbean beer recipes mentioned in this article.

  • Etensel beer is a fictional beer brand featured in the popular BBC series Death In Paradise.
  • However, you can try some unique recipes from Guadeloupe, where the series was filmed.
  • Lézarde Blonde, Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe, and Corsaire are some of the best alternatives to Etensel beer.
  • Several other fictional beers like Etensel, Buzz, and Heisler often confuse beer lovers.

It is very disheartening to know that your favorite on-screen beer doesn’t exist in reality. However, it gives us a reason to get lost in an imaginary world and celebrate what is probably the most popular drink on earth — beer.

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