Beers Similar to Corona

For fans of Corona’s unique taste, we’ve searched far and wide to compile the top 10 beers similar to Corona. This guide is tailored for those looking to explore beers similar to Corona, offering a variety of refreshing alternatives. We’re here to help you discover new favorites that capture the essence of Corona’s crisp, enjoyable taste.

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Corona beer is a pale lager kind of beer. Find out which beers made into our list and some interesting comparisons between Corona and other popular Mexican beers.

Our Top 3 Beers Similar to Corona

🍺 Modelo Especial alcohol content: 4.4% abv (pilsner-style Mexican lager)
🍺 Sol alcohol content: 4.5% abv (Mexican Lager)
🍺 Pacifico alcohol content: 4.4% abv (Mexican pilsner-style lager )

Corona’s popularity in America and globally is undeniable, yet it’s not the only pale lager that can match or even surpass its distinctive taste. Numerous breweries have taken up the challenge, aiming to replicate or enhance Corona’s unique flavor. We’ve sampled these offerings to identify those that provide a taste experience on par with, or better than, the renowned Mexican beer.

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Best Beers Like Corona

Apart from smart marketing and high demand in warm weather, many consumers believe that the Corona beer is only hyped by certain drinkers and there’s not much taste to it. There are plenty of other beers in the market that are worth trying out.

If you’re in love with the Mexican-brewing style, then you’ll also love these top 10 beers similar to corona:

Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial, a pilsner-style lager brewed in Mexico, is remarkably similar to Corona Extra in terms of taste and origin but has a slightly different flavor profile. 

It came on the beer scene roughly the same time as Corona and has withstood the test of time due to its uniquely crisp, refreshing flavor that combines notes of honey, herbs, corn, and orange blossom. 

Modelo beer, with its rich, full-bodied taste, coupled with an aromatic combination of orange, honey, a hint of herb, and a clear, golden hue, make it a delightful alternative to Corona.


Another celebrated Mexican lager, known for its smooth flavor, crisp finish, and bright, refreshing character. The name “Sol,” which translates to “Sun” in English, delivers a clean and effervescent experience, subtly sweet and perfect for the heat of summer. 

Sol beer offers a refreshingly different yet familiar experience for Corona lovers.


Pacifico, commonly known as Cerveza Pacífico Clara, is a pilsner-style lager brewed in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México. It has similar flavor profiles to Corona and is also one of the most enjoyable summer beverages in Mexico. 

Unlike Corona, Pacifico embraces a variety of ingredients, including two- and six-row barley, distinct hops, and specially roasted malts, resulting in a slightly bitter version of Corona Extra with a fusion of crisp tones, subtle grassy citrus notes, and a hint of oceanic mist. 


Victoria, a renowned beer brand in Mexico, boasts a rich history dating back to 1865. This Vienna-style lager beer is crafted in the same brewery as Tecate and Corona. The flavor is balanced and refreshing, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of breadiness. 

Regarded as Modelo’s most traditional beer, the robust yet surprisingly light flavor of Victoria is enjoyed by many and is equal or superior to Corona Extra.


Recognized as one of Mexico’s premium beers, Bohemia boasts a crisp, drinkable quality with a Belgian flair

Dating back to 1905 and brewed by The Cerveceria Cuauhtémoc, Monterrey, Mexico, Bohemia strikes a unique blend of wheat malts and citrus notes. It’s regarded as one of the world’s finest pilsner beers by beer connoisseurs!

Most Interesting Lager in the World (Ex Novo Brewing)

Most Interesting Lager in the World, created by Ex Novo Brewing, is a full-flavored beer with a light body and refreshing taste. Crafted as a Mexican-style lager, it artfully combines elements of flaked corn, Santo Vienna, Saaz hops, and Pilsner malts, creating a uniquely crisp and juicy profile to enjoy on a sunny day. 

The brew is said to be inspired by Dos Equis, so if your palate favors the tastes of Corona and Dos Equis, this beer stands as a highly palatable alternative!


Tecate, often enjoyed in the scorching climates of Mexico, is an exceptional pale lager brewed meticulously with a selection of hops, barley grains, cornstarch, and pure water, then enhanced with a touch of ascorbic acid. It’s also one of the cheapest beers on this list and ranked 4th on our best cheap beers review.

Tecate achieves a refreshing and vigorous profile somewhat reminiscent of a pilsner, accompanied by a distinctive sweet aroma that concludes with a mildly bitter taste – it truly captivates the senses.

All-in-all, Tecate is a thirst-quenching beer that goes toe-to-toe with Corona Extra and is definitely a super alternative. Its cousin Tecate Light is a lighter option with the same great flavor. 

Sesión Cerveza

Sesión Cerveza by Full Sail Brewing Company, brewed with Northern Brewer hops, Pilsner malt, Celeia, and flaked corn, is another delightful Mexican-style lager that boasts a light and refreshing taste that could easily make it your new favorite. 

The beer is light-bodied with an ABV of 4.5%, making it highly drinkable and an excellent choice for a leisurely afternoon. The flavors subtly dance between hints of zesty lemon and inviting spice, all wrapped in a crisp and well-balanced malt body.

Carta Blanca

Brewed in 1890, Carta Blanca is a full-bodied authentic Mexican lager that embodies traditional Mexican brewing techniques. 

Though it’s not the best similar lager to Corona Extra on the list, Carta Blanca is still a refreshing beer with a golden hue, a subtle taste of apple, and a unique blend of different flavors that make it a worthy contender for beers and BBQ.

Dos Equis Lager Especial

Known for its crisp, refreshing taste and identifiable green bottle, Dos Equis Lager Especial is a well-celebrated pilsner-style beer with a unique Mexican twist. Dos Equis Lager uses a precise blend of high-quality ingredients, like malted barley, corn starch, pure spring water, and ascorbic acid, which results in a well-balanced lager with a delicate sweetness that sets it apart from its peers. At one point, the beer’s undeniable popularity led it to be the fastest-growing import in the U.S, thanks to being one of the best beers with pizza. Nowadays, Dos Equis Lager Especial is favorably compared with the likes of Corona Extra, making it a must-try addition to the list.

Beers Similar to Corona

Corona Beer Popularity

Corona’s Mexican-brew, crispy and refreshing flavour stands out from traditional beers. The alcohol volume, availability and appeal add to its success. As the beer received more hype during summer or warmer months, more people felt curious to try the Mexican beer.

Apart from flavours and word of mouth, the company advertises the Corona with an image of a warm day at the beach, blue water, shining sun, and sandy beaches. This strong visualization of drinking cold beer on a sunny day at the beach became one of the reasons for its popularity.

Corona Beer Taste

Corona beer may taste different than traditional beers for two reasons;

  • The lime wedges that are provided with the beer adds citric acid to the concoction. The citrus flavour is a unique combination with light beer.
  • The crystal clear glass bottle plays an important role in the taste of the beer. The transparent glass container allows Ultraviolet (UV) rays to interact with the iso-alpha-acids in the beer. This interaction and effect takes place rapidly. Hence, the taste of Corona beer in cans can also slightly vary from those sold in clear glass bottles.

The myth behind the lime

Lime wedges and their mighty reign over the crown of Corona bottles have been the subject of countless theories, debates, and internet memes. 

One theory suggests that the lime was originally used to keep flies out of the beer, thanks to Mexico’s warm, bug-friendly climate. Another tale tells us about a sly bartender who made a bet that he could get people to add limes to their Coronas – judging by how Coronas are served nowadays, it sounds like he won!

Some folks think the lime is there to help hide a “skunky” taste that the beer develops when exposed to light, while some believe it’s all just a clever marketing trick, turning a little green fruit into Corona’s mascot!

The real reason? Well, nobody’s quite sure – it could be any or all of the above. But either way, it’s clear that whether you credit the flies, the bet, the taste, or the marketing, the lime has since become an indelible part of the “Corona experience”.


Which beer is most similar to Corona Extra?

Modelo or Sol has the closest flavor profiles to Corona Extra but with a deeper and more pronounced taste.

Does Corona Extra taste better with or without lime?

This is entirely up to personal preference. Some enjoy the additional citrus boost the lime wedge provides, while others prefer the unaltered, original taste of the beer. 

What’s the difference between Corona Extra and Corona Premium?

While both beers have similar flavors, the ABV and carbohydrates differ considerably, with Corona Premium being the lighter of the two beers. Read our review on the differences between Corona Extra and Corona premium.

What type of beer is corona?

Corona beer is a pale lager kind of beer. Pale lagers are drinks with low levels of hops and have a golden to pale appearance.

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Wrapping up

With so many beers listed here, it won’t be difficult for you to choose the one that perfectly delights your tastebuds and feels just as refreshing as Corona Extra. Let us know which ones you tried, and share your experience in the comments below!

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