Modelo vs Corona Beer: Their Differences and Tastes Explained

The debate between Modelo vs. Corona beer is an exciting and never-ending one, and it happens because both are on the list of the top ten imported American beers. Also, people often debate which of the two beers has a better taste.

modelo vs corona beer differences

Usually, Modelo has a fruitier, sweeter, and slightly richer taste, while you will find a cleaner and richer taste with Corona Beer. We will go through the differences between Modelo and Corona beers, and you will learn which beer has the right taste profile for your taste buds.

Comparison Table

Points of ComparisonModeloCorona
Worldwide rank6th (2nd on imported beer list in America)1st (1st in the imported beer list for America)
ABV rating3.5 percent to 5.4 percent and so has a stronger feel3.4 percent to 4.8 percent alcohol content for a lighter taste
Aroma and flavorModelo features a stronger aroma with a richer flavorCorona has a light aroma with a crisp and refreshing flavor
Beer stylePilsner style lager with light colorMore of a traditional lager
Available typesAvailable in mainly four typesAvailable in four types
Best side dishesShredded beef, spicy chicken wings and beer browniesPoultry and fish items with chilies as one of the main ingredients
Nutritional facts·         144-173 grams of protein

·         1.1-1.5 grams of calories

·         0.8-0.12 grams of protein

·         95 to 150 grams of calories

Origin and OwnershipIt originated in Mexico and is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev)Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) owns the Mexican beer
ManufacturerCerveceria Modelo GrupoCerveceria Modelo Grupo

What Are The Differences Between Modelo vs. Corona Beer?

The main difference between Modelo vs. Corona beer is that Modelo has a richer taste than Corona. Also, Modelo has a higher ABV rating with 3.5 to 5.4 percent of alcohol in it, while Corona has 3.4 to 4.8 percent alcohol. Plus, Modelo has a higher protein level with 144-173g than Corona’s 0.8-.12g.

What Is Modelo Beer Best For?

Modelo is best for those who are looking for a stronger aroma with a richer flavor. We certainly can’t say which beer tastes better between Modelo vs. Corona beer because it comes to individual choices. Nonetheless, we may suggest a few situations when you should drink Modelo beers.

– Characteristics

Modelo could be a perfect choice if you want an easy-to-drink and casual beer to start the beer night. Many people can’t take the hoppy bitterness of many beers and want a sweeter taste on their beer palate. For them, the fruity aroma of Modelo will be a great help.

Moreover, Modelo beer is ideal for people who like a stronger and fuller taste. It will serve you with every beer palate. Plus, Modelo beer is the best for those who love more alcohol in their beer.

– Taste and Aroma

Many people will decide on their beer depending on their taste and aroma, so you must know the actual difference in aroma and taste of Corona and Modelo beers. Modelo has a richer taste. People who love stronger drinks without being too crispy and bitter will appreciate Modelo’s taste.

Modelo has a strong feel and taste with a higher percentage of alcohol content. It also features a richer and crispier taste that goes down through your throat with ease. On the other side, Corona beers have a cleaner profile.

As the blind test of the VinePair for the flavor and aroma of traditional Mexican lager beers suggest, Modelo Special stood second in their ranking. It was even more surprising that Corona Extra only got 6th place on the list.

– Alcohol Percentage

Many drinkers will choose their drink depending on the alcohol percentage of their beers, so it is a crucial consideration for Modelo and Corona beers. As the ABV rating shoes, Modelo has 3.5 to 5.4 percentages of alcohol in it. The alcohol content varies across its four types.

Michelada or Modelo Light is the basic starter in their beer line, with 3.4 percent of alcohol in it. So it is a perfect beer to start your night by slowly adjusting to the higher alcohol percentages of the beers.

If you want a stronger and striking feel, you can choose Modelo Special with 4.4 percent alcohol. Also, it is the most popular Modelo beer out there. You may also choose the Modelo Negra for the strongest feel with 5.4 percent alcohol in it.

– Beer Styles and Brewing Processes

Although the same manufacturer brews Corona and Modelo beers, they have different brewing processes, so they differ in their beer styles too. Technically, Modelo is a pilsner beer. Thus, Modelo maintains its light color successfully even after going through the “lagering” process during the brewing time. It holds a light and bright color and looks attractive with a refreshing taste.

The brewing process of Modelo beer is done at a cooler temperature. Also, it includes a high amount of carbonation during the brewing period.

– Food Pairing

The taste of your favorite beer not only depends on its brewing process and ingredients but also on which side dishes you pair the drink. Thus, you need to be choosy to pair your drink with the right dishes to unwrap its taste palate to the fullest.

Thus, you should know which food item will yield the best Corona and Modelo beers. You may pair Modelo beer with a wider range of food items on the other side. While Corona goes with food items having chilies as its main ingredient, Modelo is a perfect choice for both spice and sweet lovers. You can enjoy Modelo beers with the following items.

  • Shredded Beef
  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wing
  • Beer Brownies

If you choose a shredded beef, ensure that it is simmered in beer slowly. Also, you will love the chicken wings dipped in spicy sauce for a refreshing taste. You will find it incredibly yummy.

– Calories and Proteins

Although most people won’t care about the protein and calories of their served beer, it is a good way to know who should choose which drink. For instance, if you want to gain weight, you can choose beers with higher protein and calories. And for other people, a beer with less protein and calories is highly preferable.

So what is the calorie profile of Modelo and Corona beers? Modelo only contains around 1.1 to 1.5 grams of calories per serving on the other side. This can be a great option for those looking to lose weight.

– Origin and Types

Modelo and Corona beers have a close face-off between them. Thus, many people mistakenly think that they have different origins and manufacturers, but that’s far from the reality. Modelo and Corona are Mexican beers with the same crafting process and ingredients. As history suggests, these beers originated around the 1920s in Mexico, so they have already passed a century in the beer market, and their popularity is growing faster.

But have you ever wondered who brews these mass beers? You will be surprised to know that Cerveceria Modelo Grupo is the actual brewer for both these beers. They export the beers from Mexico to America. The Modelo brand has four different beer types, which are:

  • Modelo Light
  • Modelo Special
  •  Modelo Negra
  • Modelo Chelada

Modelo beers are categorized as pilsner-style beers. Also, Modelo beers shift towards a crispier and more delicate taste. Its most sold beer is the Modelo Special which features a refreshing taste. Its brewing includes malt, maize, and honey.


We have already stated that Cerveceria Modelo Grupo is the actual manufacturer of both these popular beers. However, the manufacturer itself is owned by the Belgian beer and drink conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev). They acquired the Modelo Grupo for $20.1 billion in 2012 and started selling the beers worldwide.

However, in 2013, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) sold Modelo and Corona’s ownership and supplied authority to Constellation Brands for the American beer market. Thus, they don’t have any right over these two beers supplied in the US. They continue producing and shipping the beers to other countries except for the USA.

– Worldwide Sales Report

According to the same report, Modelo is the 7th most valuable beer brand, selling $3.365 billion in 2020. However, Modelo saw a slight drop in its sale in America in the past years. It, however, continued to shine in the worldwide market.

Modelo has the 2nd highest popularity in America and Mexico alike. It has seen a steady growth but has always stayed behind Corona beers.

What Is Corona Beer Best For?

Corona is best for those who are looking for a light and clean beer because it is among the lightest beers out there. If you love lighter beer, you must go with Corona beer with less than a 5 percent of ABV rating. You will also find its refreshing and cleaner taste incredibly suitable for your beer palate.

– Characteristics

It is also ideal for those who want a beer with high drinkability. It doesn’t have any hoppy bitterness and so goes down through your throat with ease. It won’t give you a shocking sensation and prepare your stomach for the stronger shots.

On top of it, you will almost always get Corona beer with a lemon topping on the glass. It increases the refreshing taste even more. Corona and Modelo beers are almost similar to Mexican beer recipes. Thus, you may drink them alternately and get almost the same taste.

– Taste and Aroma

Thanks to the cleaner profile of Corona beers, it is more popular among American drinkers. Also, its cleaner taste and lighter aroma of hops and malt make it a go-to option for first-time drinkers. It can be the perfect beer to start your party night to let your stomach settle down happily.

Nonetheless, the taste is pretty subjective to individuals, so it will rest down on your taste buds to see which beer feels better to you. Many reviewers have stated that Corona has a cleaner and refreshing taste with closeness to Heineken beers. The refreshing flavor comes mainly from the extra garnishing of slight lime.

– Alcohol Percentage

Corona beer features a lower alcohol profile than Modelo. Like the previous one, Corona also has four types of beer with different alcohol levels for all drinkers. Its lightest beer is the Corona Light, with only a 3.4 percent alcohol rating. Next comes the Corona Premier, with 4.0 percent alcohol content for those who want to taste a stronger beer without going too high.

You can taste the Corona Extra with 4.5 percent alcohol for a stronger feel, and you can’t help but drink the Corona Familiar. This one contains 4.8 percent alcohol, the highest among all Corona beer types.

– Beer Styles and Brewing Processes

Corona is more of a traditional Mexican pale beer. The beer palate features a hoppy skunkiness without being overly complex. It also follows a cooler brewing process like Modelo but has less carbonation. Also, like traditional lagers, it follows a bottom fermentation process which gives it a bit of thickness for a chewy feel.

– Food Pairing

You can pair the Corona beers with chicken hot wings and salsa. You may also pair it with Thai foods of different kinds. Many drinkers love consuming it with Thai-styled chicken wings, and you may even try it with lots of spices.

The key is to pair Corona beers with any food dishes that have enough chilies in their preparation.

– Calories and Proteins

The Light Corona beer provides you with 99 to 105 calories with a serving of a 12-ounce bottle. Also, various Corona beers will contain 98 to 148 calories per serving. If you are looking to gain weight, it can be a good selection.

Next, we will consider the protein and carbs in each Corona and Modelo beer serving. When it comes to protein, Modelo outperforms Corona beer with 144 to 173 grams of protein in each serving. On the other side, Corona beers only have 0.8 to 1.25 grams of protein. Similarly, Modelo has a higher amount of carbs than Corona beers.

– Origin and Types

American drinkers have welcomed many imported beers wholeheartedly, but no beer has become their all-time favorites like Corona and Modelo beer. Although many people are confused that these two beers are the same, they aren’t.

Corona brings the following beers into the market for drinkers.

  • Corona Light
  • Corona Premier
  • Corona Extra
  • Corona Familiar

Corona has a hoppy taste with many active ingredients. For instance, Corona Extra is brewed using malt, corn, hops, and active yeast, so it tends to give a cleaner aroma.

– Worldwide Sales Report

Although the sales report of Corona and Modelo beer isn’t linked with anything to your beer palate, it will help you know their worldwide popularity. Ironically, the Corona beer name was associated with Coronavirus during the pandemic situation. Many would assume that this coincidence in their naming similarity might have dropped the sales of Corona beers.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t true at all. In fact, in 2020, Corona beer has seen a record jump in its worldwide sales. As the Drinks Business report suggested, Corona beers stood first to become the world’s most valuable beer brands. Corona sold around $5.822 billion worth of beers worldwide in 2020, even though the dangerous pandemic kept people locked up in their homes.

Conversely, Corona continued to rule the American beer market with its crispier and cleaner taste profile. It also has seen steady growth in its beer sales during the past few years.

Mexico and America

Corona and Modelo beers are made in Mexico. Also, their main exporting location is in America, so you might be particularly interested to know their popularity rank in these two countries.

Corona is the best-selling beer in both America and Mexico. It has been a leading beer in the market for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Is Corona Extra Stronger Than Modelo?

No, Corona Extra isn’t stronger than Modelo Beers. Corona Extra was the first Mexican beer popular in Munich, and it has a 4.4 percent ABV rating. On the contrary, Modelo Negra features a 5.4 percent ABV rating, so for a stronger feel, you should drink Modelo Negra.

– What Beer Is Similar to Modelo?

Many great beers taste similar to Modelo, including Sol, Victoria, Dos Equis, and Corona. The Sol beer has 4.5 percent alcohol content and feels refreshing and smooth without any chewy feel. Also, Victoria features a stronger flavor, and it also comes from the Modelo group with a similar lager style.

On the other hand, Corona beers have the highest demand in the American market. Many beers are comparable to Corona, including Pacifico, Presidente, Toña, and Modelo. The Pacifico has a less pungency aroma with a stronger flavor than Corona. Also, Presidente is an American lager beer that is perfect for the daytime.

Conclusionmodelo vs corona beer what are the differences

As this Modelo vs. Corona beer comparison shows, they share similarities like origins, manufacturer, and brewing process. The differences between Corona and Modelo beers are mainly seen in their alcohol content, strength, and taste. Modelo with a higher amount of alcohol offers a stronger and more striking beer palate. On the other hand, Corona beers are famous for their crispness and clearer aroma without any tanginess and bitterness.

Corona is easy to drink without any shocking feel. You can start your beer night with Corona beers. On the contrary, keep Modelo for the later part of the night. You may even prepare a cocktail for the ultimate adventure.

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