Keystone vs Coors Beer: The Real Story Behind Their Popularity

Keystone vs Coors Beer

Looking at its appearance, some think that Keystone is just a Coors with dented cans that was then rebranded.


- Brewed by the same company

- Had an alcohol by volume of 4.2 percent

- Both beers are packed in similar packaging

Keystone has dented cans that allowed to rebrand it as Coors’ cheaper version.


Keystone Theories

Original version is Keystone with gold can and red label, later changed to Keystone Premium, with red, white and blue packaging, Keystone Light comes in blue label.


History of Keystone

Keystone Dry for dry beer, Keystone Ice for iced blue ale, Keystone Amber Light for light beer packed in a gold can with a diamond “Amber Light” badge.


Types of Keystone

Was commercialized as “America’s fine light beer,” with refreshing beer taste, tagged as the “world’s most refreshing beer.”


Description of Coors

Its cans are “cold activated?” which turn partially blue when stored at refrigerator temperature.


Coors Trivia

Final Verdict

Their appearances look uncannily similar


They share the same size and shape.


These beers are not the same. They may be related, but they are not identical.


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