From seasoned industry experts to up-and-coming writers, we have a diverse team with a range of backgrounds and experiences. Learn more about Draft Mag and our passion for beer.

Wayne Wiggins

Wayne is an experienced brewer with more than 12 years of hands-on experience under his belt.

What started off as experimental brewing in the garage in his childhood home has led to a great passion for brewing that he carries with him to this day. In his downtime, he likes to tinker with beer recipes, try out new beers, and create his own unique formulas.

Having produced all kinds of beer styles from pilsners to stouts, Wayne has certainly done it all! He aims to share the wealth of knowledge he has gained over the years, and to help all aspiring brewers to create their perfect brew.

Frank Werner

With over 13 years of experience in the brewing industry, Frank has mastered the art of beer-making.

From homebrewing to commercial brewing, he has produced almost every beer style imaginable, and more! Armed with a passionate love for all things beer, he makes sure that every batch he brews is of high quality and full of flavor.

Through this website, Frank aims to share his vast knowledge of brewing and the various processes he has learned throughout the years. With this, he hopes to kindle the passions of beginner homebrewers and beer enthusiasts, in order to grow the community and produce more passionate brewers.

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