100 Shots of Beer: How To Win at This Popular Drinking Game

100 shots of beer, also known as a centurion or the century club, is one of the most popular drinking games centered around beer. Essentially, this is a contest where a participant tries to down 100 shots of beer within 100 minutes.

Shots of Beer tips and tricks

In this complete guide, we present our best tips and tricks on how the game is played and how to maximize your fun while trying your best to down 100 beer shots.

How To Play 100 Shots of Beer

Here are all the 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes rules you need to know.

– Get Comfortable

To organize a game of century club, you will need at least two participants. Although to maximize the fun, it is recommended to have a much larger group. The first thing is to make sure that everyone is seated comfortably and suitably excited for the challenge up ahead. Do not force anyone that is not a willing participant to join; it will not be fun for them or anyone else.

– Prepare the Shots

Next, you will need shot glasses for each participant and a 12 pack per head to fill those shot glasses. Also consider bins or trash bags for possible events of vomiting.

The overarching objective of the game is pretty simple – making it through the entire 100 minutes duration without ever leaving the sitting spot or vomiting. Contestants are not allowed to leave their spot at any time, not even to use the washroom.

– Set the Timer

Once you start pouring the shots, someone should be assigned to keep track of elapsed time. Someone else must also be responsible for filling up glasses once emptied. Everyone involved must take a shot each minute unless they quit for some reason.

However, keeping track of time can become an arduous task, especially after the first hour. It is recommended that you maintain a secondary way of keeping track of things, like a playlist of songs that are only a minute long, and contestants drink whenever the track changes. If anyone gets sick or leaves their spot, they are disqualified.

Amount of Beer

If you wish to know the total amount of beer you will end up consuming with 100 shots, the very first variable is where you are. In the U.S, a shot of beer is around 1 to 1.5 ounces or 30-35 milliliters. If you are in the UK, a single shot is usually 25-35 milliliters.

A quick calculation reveals that the 100 shots will be equivalent to around 84-118 ounces of beer, or 2.5 to 3.5 liters of beer. Considering the fact that a standard beer serving is equal to 0.35 milliliters or 12 ounces, that makes the hundred shots of beer the equivalent of 10 to 12.5 regular servings of beer.

The only variable here is the size of the shot, and even though that does not seem like a challenge, keep in mind that you only have 100 minutes to down the entire amount without ever leaving your seat to take a break.


If you are feeling adventurous enough to give it a try, the first thing you need is a whole lot of good luck! You should also strategize to ensure that you do not drink too much too quickly, or else you may have to exit the game sooner than you think. The best way is to pace yourself and drink only one pint of beer every 10 minutes.

However, take solace in the fact that most people do not make it through the game. To process just a pint of beer, the average human body needs around 60 minutes, so even if you end up making it through the 100 minutes and 100 beer shots, your blood alcohol level will be so high that you will risk getting alcohol poisoning.

However, where there is a will, there is usually always a workaround. The best way to go far and stay relatively sober is to use a low alcoholic beer, something around 3.5 percent ABV instead of the more standard 6 percent ABV beers or even homebrews with even higher alcohol content. As with everything, the key is to always be aware of your own limits.

Know that 100 shots of beer is a sizeable challenge, one that is not for the faint-hearted. Only people with a high alcohol resistance and capable of drinking up to 1.5 ounces of beer a minute for 100 minutes can take up this challenge.

Similar Drinking Games To Try

Here are some drinking games that are similar to 100 shots of beer for your next get-together!

– Beer Pong

If the thought of guzzling down three and a half liters of beer in less than two hours doesn’t seem like an appealing proposition to you, there are other options out there. The first one of them is beer pong.

General Rules

Shots of Beer how do they do it

Generally, beer pong is played by two teams with two members each. Each member takes turns throwing a ping-pong ball (hence the name!) targeted at the other team’s beer cups laid out on a table. If a ball lands in a cup, the other team has to drink a shot. If both members sink a cup each, they get to go again unless someone misses.

The game is finished after one team has scored all the cups of their opposing team. The winner of a game usually stays on the table until the next set of challengers steps up. A list is maintained to form the order of the challengers and keep a tab on the score.

There are many variations of beer pong, which is a popular pub game mainly among college and university-going students. Beer pong has also been represented in popular culture across several college-centered movies, resulting in its global popularity.

Other Variations

In one variation of the game, the first shot is decided by the “eyes” rule, where the first player from each team must maintain eye contact with their opponent while shooting the first shot. If both miss or make it, their partners take over.

– King’s

King’s is a beer game that employs a deck of playing cards. The cards are laid around a glass in a circular fashion, with each number assigned a particular rule. Players take turns drawing cards until all of the cards are finished.

Rule Set for King’s

As discussed, a standard deck of cards is shuffled and placed around an empty or full cup containing the drink of choice. Each number of cards carries an associated act which must be performed either by the player or the group, depending on the house rules.

Each player takes turns until all the cards have been drawn. Then either the game is stopped or the cards are reshuffled depending on the state of intoxication and other factors.

Here is a handy table of the common rules for each card:

Drawn card numberGenerally assigned activity
AceAll players start and keep drinking until the player to their left stops
2Drawer hands out two drinks
3Drawer drinks
4All women drink
5All men drink
6All women drink
7Last to raise hands drinks
8Drawer chooses a player to drink with them throughout the game
9Drawer says a word, the rest say unique rhyming words. The one who fails drinks
10Drawer says a category, the rest must say things that fit that category
JackEveryone drinks
QueenDrawer asks a question to anyone which then continues, first one who fails to answer drinks
KingDrawer puts a bit of their drink into the empty cup at the center

– Flip Cups

Here’s another fun drinking game for you — flip cups. The basic premise of this esteemed beer sport is simple. Two teams stand in a line facing each other, each player with a plastic cup full of beer. The first players from each team go at the same time and drink the content of their respective cups.

Now comes the fun part! The goal is to flip the cup face-down on the table. To do that, the empty cup is brought to the edge of the table and attempts are made to flip the cup by lifting or flicking the bottom part of the cup. The cup must end up landing face-down on the table to be considered a successful flip.

Until and unless the first cup is flipped properly, you are not allowed to move to the subsequent participants. Ultimately, the first team to finish and flip all the beer cups wins the game. As with pretty much any game of drinking, there are several variations of flip cups, but we have outlined the basic rules and the most common gameplay process here.


Is 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes game hard?

Yes, consuming 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes is a difficult and potentially dangerous drinking game. It can lead to severe health risks such as alcohol poisoning, and it’s not recommended to participate in such activities. It’s essential to prioritize your health and well-being over participating in dangerous drinking games.

What’s the minimum number of players for 100 shots of beer?

There is no minimum number of players required for 100 shots of beer, but it’s recommended to have at least four people to evenly distribute the drinking and prevent alcohol-related health risks.

Tips on winning 100 shots of beer?

Winning 100 shots of beer should not be the objective, as excessive alcohol consumption can have severe consequences. However, if you choose to participate, it’s important to stay hydrated, eat before drinking, and pace yourself to prevent alcohol-related health risks.


If you’re still hanging around and not racing towards your next beer power hour, then let us summarize the main points for you:

  • 100 shots of beer is one of the most popular beer-centered drinking games.
  • Basically, you have to drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.
  • You are not allowed to move from your seat for anything without risking disqualification.
  • Make sure to gather a group of experienced drinkers to enjoy 100 shots of beer or other similar games.
Shots of Beer can you take a challenge

Beer games like 100 shots of beer can be an incredibly fun group experience and may end up as a core memory that lasts a lifetime. However, the key is being smart and being responsible with your drink. As long as you are drinking responsibly, go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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