What Is Cenosillicaphobia? Understanding the Fear of an Empty Glass

cenosillicaphobia what is it

Cenosillicaphobia has been the worst nightmare of every beer lover ever since the creation of beer. Many craft beer drinkers often wonder, is cenosillicaphobia real? This guide will explain everything you need to know about cenosillicaphobia and how to check if you have this fear. Let’s get to it!

What Is Cenosillicaphobia?

Cenosilicaphobia is the fear of having an empty glass of drink. The fear can pertain to a glass lacking beer, cocktail or wine. Many avid drinkers worldwide suffer from this phobia, which can be particularly cruel.

A Closer Look at the Fear

Breaking it down to the cenosillicaphobia origin; Ceno comes from a Greek word “kenos,” meaning empty. “Sillica” refers to quartz, or glass in this context. Lastly, “phobia,” as you may know, means fear. Putting it all together, you’ll have “the fear of an empty glass.”

You can go on to add the Latin word for beer — “cervisia.” In that case, you’ll have Cenocervasiasillicaphobia (the fear of having an empty glass of beer).

– The Cenosillicaphobia Sign

People that suffer from this phobia often get off easy with some slight discomfort when they see an empty glass. However, some other people can have high anxiety attacks and panic in the presence of empty glasses.

If you’re unsure whether you have the phobia or not, you can easily test yourself. Get a glass of your favorite beverage and finish it up. Then take a look at the empty beer glass to see your reaction.

If you shudder involuntarily at the sight of the empty glass, then you may have this condition. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

– Getting Support for the Condition

Many t-shirts honoring the phobia may be found with a fast Google or Wikipedia search. Wearing a Cenosillicaphobia t-shirt will let other Cenosillicaphobes know they can confide in you since sharing is caring.

This will also help you get support if you feel like the condition is getting worse.


Yes, there is a cure for this phobia, and it is to get more beer. Visit the brewery, pub, liquor store or bar closest to you to get another glass of beer. However, remember to drink in moderation.

Other Beer-Related Phobias

If you think cenosillicaphobia is the only beer-related phobia available, then you’re mistaken. We’ll discuss two more of these phobias down below.

– Nobrewphobia

The fear of losing out on a beer is known as nobrewphobia. Maybe those with this phobia don’t mind when their glass is empty. However, when they walk to the fridge to get another drink and find there isn’t anymore, the terror starts to set in! The only remedy is to run to the liquor store and get another pack.

– Methyphobia/Potophobia

Methyphobia, often known as potophobia, is the fear of consuming too much alcohol and losing control. The fear of an empty glass increases the likelihood that you will continue to drink. This also increases the chances that you will become intoxicated and lose control.

Hopefully, no one has both of these conditions. If you experience symptoms of both phobias, we advise you to get support.


cenosillicaphobia all you need to know

We’ve discussed some important things regarding cenosillicaphobia. Let’s have a quick recap:

  • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of having an empty glass of beer. Several lovers can relate to this feeling because they have felt it at one point or the other.
  • If you involuntarily panic in front of an empty glass, then you may have this phobia.
  • The cure for cenosillicaphobia is to get more beer.
  • Wearing a t-shirt signifying this phobia will let other Cenosillicaphobes know they can confide in you since sharing is caring.
  • Other common beer-related phobias include nobrewphobia and methyphobia.

If you are experiencing this phobia or you know someone experiencing it, you’re not alone. Just get a new glass of beer while ensuring that you drink responsibly.

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