German Beer Glass Types: A Guide to Complement Your Beer

German Beer Glass Types are numerous, as there seems to be one kind for each type of beer. Each glass improves (or diminishes) your beer drinking experience if chosen correctly. Since so many different kinds of brands are available, it may be tedious to pick one that suits your preferences.

German beer glass types

Nevertheless, keep scrolling down our guide to comprehend which beer glass you should pour your beer into.

Different German Beer Glass Types

To make your beer experience more pleasurable, you must choose the right kind from the various German beer glasses available. Although glass has very little to do with the taste of the beer inside it, below are some popular German beer glass types suitable for different beers.

1. Pilsner Glasses

These glasses are by far the most popular types of German glasses used. A pilsner glass is a tall and slender glass without any curvature on the upper side. Some have slight curvatures, while some are straight and narrow down at the bottom.

Pilsner glasses

There’s a variety of size options that come with these glasses. However, the glass holds less beer capacity compared to a pint glass. The skinny nature of the glass allows you to appreciate the color and effervescence of the beer. Its tapered base provides room for the bubbles to rise, and the wider top lets you enjoy the carbonation foam.

Pilsner glasses are pretty popular amongst Europeans and Americans. As the name suggests, these glasses go well with Pilsner beer. Also, they are well suited for other lighter beers such as American Lager, Japanese Rice Lager, Vienna Lager, Schwarzbier, Gose, European Pale Lager, and similar kinds. You can get your hands on this glass when trying these popular drinks.

2. Weizen Beer Glass

People often tend to get confused between Pilsner and Weizen glasses. Many even address a Weizen beer glass as a Pilsner glass. However, the two are different. The distinguishable difference between the two can be seen in the curvature. It has more curvature than Pilsner glass.

Weizen beer glass

This glass has a noticeable curve towards the top. The best part about this glass is that it’s more prominent in size compared to a pint glass, and it can hold half a liter of beer.

The curvature at the top of the Weizen glass lets you trap the foam of the beer, allowing you to enjoy its taste and aroma. These glasses are meant for wheat beers such as American Dark Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, American Pale Wheat Beer, and more. Make sure not to miss out on this glass while you relish these popular drinks.

3. Traditional Beer Mugs

Traditional German beer mugs are one of the favorite kinds for many beer lovers. The mugs are heavy and robust and come with handles for ease of use. They come in all sizes and have the capacity to hold a good amount of beer.

Traditional beer mugs

The mugs are wide and cylindrical and have thick glass walls to keep your brew cool. The handles on the mugs prevent your hands from heating up your beer. They are widely popular in England, Germany and the United States. Such beer mugs are perfect when you want to toast your friends or peers. Nothing beats a traditional beer mug while partying with your friends.

4. Stange Beer Glass

The Stange glass is so named because stange in German means rod. The glass also resembles a rod, hence the name. These glasses are pole-like and slender cylindrical in shape. However, the appearance of the glass is not much pleasure-giving but has been of good use for decades.

Stange beer glass

The stange beer glasses come in numerous sizes and can hold about 6 ounces of beer. They are available in different sizes, but their shapes don’t vary. These glasses are for delicate beers such as Altbier and Kolsch. Stange glasses enhance the aroma and taste of the beer. The best thing about such glasses is they allow tighter concentration of volatiles.

5. Goblet or Chalice

Goblets are one of the most exquisite pieces. They are a treat to the eyes. These glasses have thick and long stems at the bottom and a bowl-shaped structure resting on the top of the stems. They come in different sizes and are suitable for holding a specific amount of beer.

Goblet or chalice

Goblets are also known as Chalices, but Chalices have thicker walls and are heavy, whereas Goblets have long stems. Also, some Goblets or Chalices come with golden or silver rims to make the glasses more attractive.

Goblets or Chalices are suitable for malts and other heavy beers such as Belgian Dark Ale, Berliner Weisse, Dubbel, Triple, Maibock, Winter Warmer, and other similar ones.

6. Willi Becher

The Willi Becher is a classic choice when it comes to choosing a beer glass. The glass was named after a German gentleman who designed the glass a few years after World War II. These glasses have thick walls at the bottom and taper towards the middle.

Willi becher

The glass is a standard option for lagers and ales. The narrow inward curvature of the glass helps trap the aroma of the beer, and the glass’s narrow diameter allows you to enjoy the beer’s golden hue.

This glass is well suited for serving beers such as German lagers, Maibock, Pilsner, Schwarzbier, Helles and a few others.

7. Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse glass got its name from the place it was designed first. The glass was designed in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. These glasses are very similar to goblets. They also have thick, long stems and a thick-walled bowl on the top of the stem.

Berliner weisse

These glasses are made of heavy, clear and robust glasses. They are pretty stable and handy, and come with rounded rims as well. However, the rimmed structure does not enhance the taste of the beer. It just adds to the beauty of the glass.

These glasses are good to go when you have wheat beers to serve. Also, they are equally great for cocktails.

8. Snifter Beer Glass

Snifters are rare amongst the public as these glasses are not readily available. These glasses are popular amongst brandy and cognac lovers. However, these glasses are also great for beers. The shape of the glass is quite unique as it has a large bowl resting on a thin stem.

The shape of the glass is so designed that it makes it easy for you to swirl your beer around and even out the volatiles. This helps you enjoy the complete aroma of the beer.

Snifter beer glass

These glasses look similar to wine glasses and goblets as they, too, have a footed stem and a bowl at the top. However, in snifters, the bowl at the top has the capacity to hold a greater amount of beer,but the beer must be kept from the rim of a snifter. This will prevent you from enjoying the strong flavors of your beer.

Snifters are usually apt to serve strong beers such as Belgian IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Double IPAs and other strong ones.

9. Pilsner Tulip

The pilsner tulip glass is another popular type of beer glass. The rim of the glass curves outwards, which helps to trap the foam of malty and strong brews. The stem of the glass lets you swirl your beer to release its aromas.

Pilsner tulip

This glass also resembles a goblet and snifter in the design part as a pilsner tulip glass also has a footed and small stem along with a tulip or bulb-shaped bowl on the top. There’s another stretched-out version of tulips available, which is called thistle. They have a taller bulb-like bowl at the top of the stem.

Pilsner tulips are for hoppy and strong beers such as Belgian ales, Double IPAs, double stouts, Saisons, Belgian beers and barleywines. The right kind of glass would be extremely helpful to make your beer experience a lot more fun.

10. Wheat Beer Glass

Wheat Beer Glasses are also known as American Wheat Beer Glasses or Wit Glasses. They have thin walls, narrow mouths and broad bodies. The bases of these glasses are also slim. The narrow mouth of the wheat beer glass helps you sip even the wheat beer or malt flavors.

Wheat beer glass

Also, the thin walls of the glass help you enjoy your beer at an optimal temperature for longer, and the wide center of the glass helps trap the malty beer’s complex concentrates. It must be clear by the name that these glasses go well with hoppy American wheat beers.

11. Pokal Glasses

Pokal glasses are very similar to pilsner ones. Many even refer to pilsners as pokal glasses. They also have a long and slender design. This is a classic beer glass option when you want to serve lagers. It is well suited for strong malts like German lagers.

Pokal glasses

It also has an updated version that comes with a stem and curve-on. It helps you get the complete experience of your beer’s aroma.


Since there are wide options available to enjoy your beer, you might be in a dilemma of choosing one out of the numerous types. You have to look at the type of beer you want to enjoy.

  • If you want to enjoy loads of beer or raise your friends a toast, you can blindly go for a traditional beer mug.
  • If you like to swirl slowly and enjoy the volatiles of your beer, your go-to option must be a goblet.
  • One can never go wrong with the classics. A standard option would be a pilsner glass to enjoy light brews.
  • If you have a strong beer to swirl and sip slowly, go for a snifter.

Also, when you serve your guests the right way, the aroma gets better. So the next time you think about drinking a hoppy beer, consider the glass that can enhance your experience.

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