How To Remove a Keg Tap: Easy Steps for Beer Lovers

Learning how to remove a keg tap properly is important before you buy a keg of your favorite beer. As there are different kinds of kegs, it’s not always straightforward to remove the tap and clean out your keg for later. 

How To Remove a Keg Tap

For the newer models of a keg, you simply need to push a button for the tap to remove, but older kegs require a longer process.

In this guide, you get all the steps on how to remove a tap easily. 

Easy Steps To Remove a Beer Keg Tap 

Some easy steps to remove a beer keg tap starts with figuring out the type of keg you have first. Next, switch the carbon dioxide pressure line off, and take off the line tube. After that, get rid of the excess liquid and twist the tap coupler handle.

There are different kinds of taps that you can purchase, whether you’re taking it to a party or you want a keg of your favorite beer for yourself. Kegs are designed with a portable tap and a hand pump to push the air into the keg. Once you remove the tap, you can clean the keg or replace it with a new one. 

Follow the steps below to remove a beer tap

– Figure Out the Type of Keg 

The first thing you should do to remove a tap is to check the type of keg you’re using. The type of barrel that holds your beer will determine how you can remove the tap and replace the keg. For some, you have to open your toolbox; for others, you only need to push a button.

Checking the Type of Keg


Most bars come with a keg that is designed with a pressure-dispensed beer tap. But, for party kegs, they have different taps and a portable pump for inserting air into the barrel. Once you identify the type of keg, you can move on to the next steps. It is highly recommended to follow our guide on how to clean the beer tap as well.

– Switch the Carbon Dioxide Pressure Line Off 

You can’t remove the tap without turning the CO2 pressure line off, especially with older barrels. It’s not always important for ewer barrels, but you can stay safe by turning it off either way. We recommend that you do this before the next steps.

You can turn this pressure line off by locating the valve. Turn it all the way down, and the carbon dioxide tank will be switched off. You can also try to remove the carbon dioxide regulator from the tank, which can be done by unscrewing it. Store the keg in a cool place and move to the next step.

– Take Off the Line Tube

This step is only for the older models of beer kegs. If you have the basic keg, you need to detach the tap hose. Keep in mind that if you remove the tube and put it back, you need to clean it with a sanitizer to get rid of bacteria that can contaminate your beer.

Line Tube of Beer Kegs


To remove the tube, you should check the end that is attached to the metal sprout. There is a handle under it, so press it down and turn it counterclockwise. This disconnects that part of the tube. For the other part, you should use a faucet wrench to free up the nut connecting the hose to the tap, then pull the tube out. 

– Get Rid of Excess Liquid 

The last thing you should do before taking the tap off is to remove any leftover beer or foam that might be inside the keg. If you do this, you can avoid leakages in the keg and get rid of any excess liquid. 

You won’t want a mess of beer or foam after you’re done drinking. Once you pour out any of the excess liquid, you can remove the tap.

– Twist the Tap Coupler Handle 

Once you complete the first four steps, you can easily remove the tap without any challenges. The tap is usually located on the side of the keg in the form of a handle. Pull on the handle and rotate it counterclockwise. Once you turn the tap handle, the entire keg should detach from the tap.

The tap handle will be removed fairly easily, except if there is something wrong with your keg. You can follow the third step, which is to remove the line tube, either before or after you remove the tap keg. 

How To Remove a Tap on a Newer Keg Model 

To remove a tap on a newer keg model, you will have to find and press the buttons at the side of the unit. Kegs have evolved greatly over time, so you don’t always have to remove a tube line or follow all the rigorous processes to remove the tap.

Removing a Tap on a Newer Keg


If you buy a newer model, you might notice that the mechanism is different. Follow the steps below for a newer tap model:

  1. Check for two buttons at the side of the tap unit.
  2. Press them at the same time to detach the tap from the keg. 
  3. There should be a button on top of the keg. Click on it. 
  4. This will release the tube, so you can throw that away or reuse it. 

With this new model, you can change your keg easily and attach the new tap to it. If you want to attach the new tap, simply reverse the steps offered in this guide. 


1. How Can You Remove the Valve From A Keg? 

You can remove the valve from a keg by removing the pressure from the keg. Then, use your tools to remove the valve. You can use your coupling to push down the valve, depressurize the unit, and pull it out. 

2. What is The Best Way to Store Your Keg? 

The best way to store your keg is in a refrigerator or a tub of ice. The keg should be stored at a cold temperature to keep the beer fresh. Make sure the keg is sealed properly so that no contaminants will be able to enter.

After storing it, you can connect the keg back to the tap by aligning the lugs to the base of the tap and keeping the keg coupler handle raised while you connect the tap to it firmly. Twist the tap in a clockwise direction until it is tight. 

3. How Can You Remove a Stuck Keg Coupler on a Keg?

You can remove stuck keg couplers on a keg by using oetiker pliers to grab the inner and outer rings. Squeeze them until you can turn the keg coupler and remove it. You can then rotate it counterclockwise to remove it completely.

The Sankey Keg Coupler is a popular choice among beer lovers for this purpose. On the other hand, if your beer faucet is stuck, first disconnect the keg from the beer lines and detach the faucet. Next, soak the faucet in a cleaning solution of PBW and hot water for 30 minutes. After this, it should have loosened up, so you can try to remove the faucet again with rubber dish gloves. 


You now have all you need to remove a tap from your keg easily, using the details that we have covered in this guide.

Before you go, here’s a summary of our main points:

  • You should remove the CO pressure line before removing the tap.
  • The keg line tube can be removed before or after you remove the tap.
  • With the lever at the side of the keg, it is easy to disconnect the tap.
  • Newer models of kegs come with a button that you can push to remove the keg tap.

Now that you know how to remove a tap from your keg, you can easily do so whenever you like. So drink your beer freely without worrying about how to remove the tap later!

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