How to Tornado a Beer: Learn This Impressive New Technique

How to Tornado a Beer tornado in the beer

If you are out drinking with friends and everybody decides to chug their beer, one of the best ways to impress them is to do a tornado chug. This is a chugging style where the whole beer goes down into your mouth in an amazing, swirling vortex.

However, tornado chugging a beer requires excellent skills that might take a while to master. If you have come here trying to learn how to tornado a beer, read on because that is exactly what this guide will show you.

How to Tornado a Beer

This technique originated only a few years back in 2019, when a man named Liu Shichao became an online star by inventing this technique. His unique beer-chugging style left drinkers around the world impressed.

Among the various ways to chug a beer, the tornado style is one of the hardest to master. While the steps are simple, it takes a lot of skill to tornado an entire bottle of beer properly in one go.

Here’s how to tornado a beer:

– Get the Beer Ready

First, pick a beer that you can drink comfortably. Especially if you are new to this, choosing a beer with low carbonation is advisable. All the extra carbon dioxide in the drink can make it harder to chug and cause discomfort in your stomach afterward.

– Set the Bottle in Your Mouth

Sip the beer a little to make space for air, as it’s not possible to chug a beer fast without air pushing it down. Now, lift the bottle to your mouth and seal your lips around it, as you’d usually do when swigging a beer. This will help you avoid spraying yourself all over with beer.

– Swirl the Bottle

Now, it’s time to create the tornado in your beer. Swirl the bottle clockwise or counterclockwise while holding it on your lips. Make sure to do this in a quick motion and avoid rocking the bottle back and forth.

– Tip Back Your Head

This is the most important step of a tornado chug. Around the same time as swirling the bottle, tilt your head backward and open up your throat. Synchronize the move well so that you can chug down the beer the moment you finish the swirl.

– Drink

All you have to do now is let the beer pour down your throat. Keep your throat open so that the beer can flow in a constant stream instead of gulping. Offering resistance to the flow can ruin the whole process and cause you to choke. This is indeed very tricky and can be hard to master, but you can perfect it with practice.

Now you know how to tornado a beer. Make no mistake — it takes a great deal of skill and you may have to spend a lot of time practicing. However, this is an impressive trick and will be totally worth it once you master this style to chug a beer.

Avoid Choking

Chugging a beer in the tornado technique is no easy feat, and it’s quite likely that you might initially find yourself choking on the liquid. This is because you are resisting the pour, which is one of the biggest mistakes that people make while chugging a beer.

Here are some tips on how to tornado a beer without choking:

  • First, relax your throat completely. Do not try to take gulps or control the pour.
  • If you absolutely have to gulp down the beer, take large gulps rather than smaller sips.
  • Make sure to tilt your head at the right angle. Remember, your priority is chugging the beer, not tasting it.
  • Initially, practice with water and try to tornado a beer only when you feel more confident about it.
  • Remember to always put your safety as the main priority. If you feel that you can’t finish the whole bottle of beer, don’t force yourself to chug it all in one go.

Forming the Tornado

How to Tornado a Beer attempt to tornado beer

Swirling the bottle in a circular way causes the beer to start flowing in a rotating motion. As you tilt the bottle upside down, gravity pulls the beer into your throat. This downward motion, coupled with the centripetal force, creates an impressive vortex.

When you tornado a beer, it goes down in a tornado-like swirl, which is why it is called a tornado in the first place. This chugging style also goes by other similar names, such as whirlwind and vortex. A normal chug doesn’t require you to swirl the beer, which is why it is much simpler and easier. When you learn how to tornado a beer, you can chug your beer in a much more stylish and impressive way.

How To Chug a Beer for Beginners

If you are entirely new to chugging drinks, it is advisable to first learn how to chug a beer without creating a vortex. Only when you have learned to chug a beer is it advisable to try your hand at doing it in the tornado technique. Here are some of the simpler ways in which you can chug a beer in various containers:

– Bottle With a Straw

To chug a beer easily from a bottle, you need to use a straw to let in air and push the beer out. First, open the bottle and insert the straw. You should preferably choose a bendy straw and bend it away from your face. Now, put your lips around the bottle’s mouth, leaving the straw outside, then tilt your head, open your throat, and let the beer pour.

It is not bad to use a straw while drinking your beer. On the contrary, it is more convenient and hygienic to drink beer using a straw. However, you might not realize that you are intaking more alcohol due to the ease of drinking. Because of this, you might get drunk much earlier as you will be consuming a larger amount of alcohol, so make sure to watch your limits.

– Glass or Mug

How to Tornado a Beer how do they do it

Start by choosing the right mug, which should ideally be one with a handle to grasp it better and a bigger opening to let the beer pour out easily. You may also go for a standard pint glass.

Pour the beer and let it sit for a while to let the carbon dioxide dissipate. You may also give the glass a sharp tap on the table to force out as much gas as possible. The remaining process is the same as chugging beer from a bottle – tilt your head back, open your throat and drink.

– Can

You can either make a second hole with a knife or use a bendy straw to facilitate airflow when chugging beer from a can. If you decide to make the hole, at first, cover it with a finger as you lift the can to your lips and tilt your head.

Once the beer has already started pouring, release your finger to let in air through this hole. As with the other methods, just relax your throat and let the beer pour freely.

– Snorkel

First, you need to put the beer snorkel on the bottle and make sure that it is tight. The straw should be slightly off the bottle’s bottom. Now you need to flip the snorkel upside down by putting your lips on the snorkel’s mouthpiece. This will help the beer come out so that you can drink it.


– Does Chugging Beer Make You Drunker?

Yes, chugging a beer will cause your blood alcohol content (BAC) to rise rapidly and get you drunk much faster than just sipping a beer. Moreover, you are likely to consume more when you drink beer faster, which increases the total BAC.

Whether you ate something before consuming beer also matters because food in your stomach can slow down alcohol consumption and delay you from getting drunk.

– How Do You Shotgun a Beer Bottle?

To shotgun a beer bottle, you first need to pop the cap and open the bottle. Now put a flexible straw into the bottle so that it easily bends. This would allow the liquid to come out easily without spillage. After that, simply tilt your head back and consume the beer.


Chugging your beer in the tornado technique is a great way to show off your skills and impress your friends. Hopefully, you now understand how to tornado a beer and can start practicing. Here’s a brief overview of the key takeaways to help you remember:

  • Try to choose a beer with low carbonation or let the CO2 dissipate first.
  • Take a deep breath before chugging the beer and avoid breathing in between.
  • Swirl the bottle in a swift, circular motion as you tilt back your head.
  • Open your throat, relax it, and let the beer pour freely.
  • Make sure to watch your limits and don’t force yourself to finish a beer if you can’t do it. Drink responsibly!
How To Tornado a Beer for Beginners

It takes time to master the tornado technique, but with enough practice, you can do it!

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