Beer Alternatives: What Are Your Other Drink Options?

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Beer alternatives always come in handy at some point, especially when we have been over-indulging. It just feels right to try something new to give your body the time to metabolize the extra alcohol and to find that metabolic balance again.

For some people, it could mean zero beer for a month. For others, it means cutting down on alcohol while still having some happy hour. Here, we will examine different alternatives to beer, and you can choose the one that is best for you, depending on your needs and tastes.

What To Drink Instead of Beer: Maintaining a Balance

Despite our love for beer, we understand how essential it is to consider the realities associated with drinking beer. Some potential health problems could make regular beer consumption a bad idea for many people. Further, if you want to get into shape and are on a diet, beer can add significantly to the daily calorie count. But, if too much beer consumption is one problem, staying away from it is another.

Well, there will always be cocktails and wines if you just want to try something different. However, you just can’t compare them with the same summery connotations you will get with an icy can of Heineken. The good news? Finding a replacement for beer is not always that daunting. You have a wide range of alternatives to choose from, and there is no way you would go wrong with any of them.

There are a variety of beer alternatives that range from tasty to sour, from healthy juices to the one non-alcoholic alternative to beer that still has a similar taste: light beer. Many of the other options we will discuss here tend to come with low AVBs. You can easily sacrifice the alcohol content for a delicious taste, right?

What Are the Healthy Alternatives to Beer?

Whenever you find yourself trying to choose, you should fall back on this list of healthy beer replacements.

– Hard Kombucha

Suppose you want something healthy with a taste of “grown-up.” In that case, you should go for a Kombucha. This naturally sparkling drink is fermented. Brewers make this tasty drink from black or green tea.

Lovers of Kombucha will advocate for its antioxidant and probiotic properties. It now enyojs increased popularity among younger beer lovers because it is not sugar-based. Another plus? It comes with a “cool” factor.

Sparkling Wine

Another excellent alternative to drinking beer is an alcohol-free sparkling wine. Best-selling products from top brands now come in alcohol-free alternatives. Sometimes, you will find it impossible to distinguish the alcoholic drinks from their non-alcoholic counterparts.

If you find a sparkling wine with low sugar content and made from natural products, it is a great option. The fun even goes further if the dealcoholization of the drink helps to retain its delicious taste and flavor. Shop around and find the brand that won’t make you miss beer!

– Booze-Free Beer

These are the “lite” versions of your favorite beers, which aim at reducing alcohol consumption. These alternatives to beer are termed to be alcohol-free. However, many of them come with very little ABV (0.05 – 1.2 percent). Younger drinkers find these options more appealing because they ensure responsible drinking, without sacrificing nor health nor taste.

– Sparkling Juices

If sparkling wine is not an excellent option for you, you have the sparkling juices to take over. This beer replacement is made with a similar fermentation process as sparkling wine. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to replace your favorite champagne or Prosecco.

You won’t have to miss the bubbles you get from your favorite beer. Sparkling juices consist of herbs, fruit and vinegar, making them the perfect healthy option for beer lovers. Moreover, they come in an extensive array of flavors to give you many options.

– Mocktails

The term “mocktail” describes a cocktail that lacks the liquor — in other words, a non-alcoholic cocktail. Plus, a cocktail is a beer alternative that a bartender makes fresh for you at the bar. That is, it does not come in a pre-bottled or canned mixture. As such, it gives you the feeling of ordering a beer on tap, and you get a drink that can be personalized just for you.

These days, mocktails come with a high level of sophistication, putting them on an equal level with the alcoholic options. They have a large number of ingredients. Therefore, they can cover the broadest spectrum of colors, tastes and flavors. With mocktails, you can have that fantastic drinking experience without including the alcohol.

– Alcohol-Free Gin

There’s no competition for natural products, and this is what makes gins unique. They come in a perfect mix of distilled botanicals like cardamom, lemon peel, licorice, coriander, etc. Therefore, you do not only stay away from beer but also enjoy the health benefits of the alcohol-free gin, without compromising on the taste.

Healthier Alcoholic Alternatives to Beer

Beer alternatives whiskey

Some people seem not to do well with the non-alcoholic beer alternatives. They always need drinks that look like beer or have a closer taste. If you are in this quadrant, don’t worry because there is something for you. There are healthier alcoholic drinks available that could be your replacement option for beer. They include the following:

– Red Wine

Red wine tops the list when we talk about healthier alcohol options. It contains antioxidants: Substances that protect the body cells from damage and improve the condition of the heart. While you can get these substances with white wine and rose as well, red wine has them in higher amounts.

Natural wines are always the best option in this case. The reason is that they contain fewer additives, so that you won’t have to put your liver through too much work.

– Tequila

Drinking clear liquors such as tequila has several advantages. Tequila is a replacement for a beer given the low amounts of calories and sugar it contains. Although alcoholic, our bodies can efficiently metabolize tequila and similar liquors. Therefore, they are good options to go for as a healthy replacement for beer.

– Champagne

Champagne contains a good amount of grapes, and these grapes have a high amount of phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds are similar to the antioxidants found in red wine, and have been found to improve brain health.

– Whiskey

Like red wine and champagne, whiskeys also come rich with antioxidant benefits. A moderate intake of whisky, as opposed to beer, may be a good decision for your heart

Beer Alternatives for Relaxation

One of the major reasons for drinking beer is because we find it every day in almost every social setting. Many people turn to beer as it serves as stress relief and relaxation for the body. However, the long-term disadvantages of this should always be considered.

There are some tasty alternatives to drinking beer that could also help you relax. Whenever you need something relaxing to drink, then you should try one of these beverages.

– Decaf Coffee

The caffeine present in coffee is the natural “feel good” drug you need for relaxing. Caffeine stimulates dopamine release. Dopamine is a chemical that, when released in the brain, elevates positive feelings. Therefore, it can help with a relaxation session. If beer gives you a euphoric feeling to focus on a task, trust coffee to do an excellent job as a replacement.

– Tea

It is possible that you feel that tea has no flavor or, at least, the flavor is weak. However, this is false. The continuous consumption of beer and other harsh liquors may be taking a toll on your palates and taste buds. Take a break from beers and choose tea as a beer alternative. This will help you better appreciate the charm that comes with good tea. Drink a cup of tea tonight before going to bed, and feel your body gently knocked off like a feather.

– Premium Soda

It is always challenging to stop beer or alcohol intake. There is always this hole that is calling to be filled. There is no better filler than a nice, premium soda. While decaf coffee and tea will come in handy, some days may call for some fancy beverage. At least, you have that feeling of drinking something “special.”


What drinking alternatives are healthier than beer?

Some healthier drinking alternatives to beer include kombucha, sparkling water, and low-sugar cocktails with fresh ingredients.

What alcohol alternatives can give the same effect as beer?

Wine, cider, and certain types of low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beer can provide a similar effect to beer.

Can CBD drinks replace beer?

CBD drinks may offer similar relaxing effects as beer, but more research is needed to fully understand their potential as a replacement.


Beer is a laid-back beverage; as such, it always gives room for its loyalist to try out new options. In this article, we covered various beer alternatives. You won’t even know you’re taking a break from beer. Let’s have a run-through of what we covered so that you can easily make your choice.

  • Beer alternatives boozy alcoholic hard kombucha ciderBeer replacements help you to maintain an excellent metabolic balance.
  • Non-alcoholic beer replacements offer several health benefits, including improvement in heart and brain health.
  • Non-alcoholic alternatives to beer include hard kombucha, sparkling wines & juices, mocktails, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages can also serve as excellent alternatives to drinking beer.
  • Examples of alcoholic beverages are red wine, tequila, whiskey, and champagne.
  • Decaf coffee, tea, and premium soda also serve as great alternatives to beer for relation.

However little or much beer you consume, taking a break is usually beneficial. There are many good beer alternatives for different purposes. Choose from the options we discussed here and take your taste buds on a new journey.

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