Beer Podcasts You Should Listen to if You Love Drinking Beers

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Beer podcasts are gradually on the rise as beer lovers voice their candid opinions on the beer brewing industry. People also want to stay updated with the latest developments and new beers that are worth a try. In this complete guide, we’ll be exploring the best 40 podcasts for real beer lovers.

 Top Beer-Related PodcastsWhy We Love It
1Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine PodcastTeaches great homebrewing skills and lets listeners in on what’s going on in the beer scene
2.The Beer O’Clock ShowUpdated news and interesting beer-related topics
3Craft Beers RadioHonest craft beer reviews and educational discussion about styles and brewing techniques
4Good Beer HuntingFocuses on brewery owners and what they went through to become successful
5Beersmith Home and Beer Brewing PodcastTeaches listeners useful homebrewing tips and shares useful advice
6Four BrewersHearty beer chats, great beer reviews, entertaining discussion
7The Brülosophy PodcastShares advanced knowledge on different brewing experiments
8The Sour HourEducates listeners on how to make sour beers as well as other classic brewing techniques
9Strange Brews Beer PodcastShared opinions on the craft beer industry and the latest news in the industry
10Beer Night in San DiegoFeatures and reviews the best beers from San Diego
11The Beerists | For the Love of Craft BeerSimple and detailed beer reviews with enjoyable banter
12919 BeerFeatures the latest news, events, and trends in the craft beer industry
13Cheers Charlotte RadioDiscusses food, good living, and the best beers in Charlotte
14Brewing with StyleDiscusses fermentation and brewing techniques, as well as recipes for classic styles
15Homebrew Happy HourGives useful answers to all homebrewing questions listeners have
16Steal This BeerBlind tasting beers and trying to differentiate the flavors. Teaches listeners how to tell a variety of beer flavors. Also discusses what’s happening in the beer industry
17Drink Beer, Think Beer with John HollBasically talks about the art and philosophy of beer brewing. It focuses on the more technical aspects of brewing
18Beer of The Day podcastDiscusses and reviews a particular type of beer. Also shares homebrewing tips and tricks
19Ale of a Time podcastFeatures knowledgeable guests who hold their own in the world of craft beer
20Experimental BrewingEncourages listeners to always try out new beer experiments. Shares useful tips for brewing great home-made beer
21Beer Busters PodcastInteresting beer games, discussion, and a lot of comical bantering
22The Master Brewers PodcastShares deep insight into everything going on in the beer industry and how they operate
23The Drunk ReviewFun discussion about film, beer, and hard cider. Every episode is always very entertaining
24Hops and Brew School PodcastTeaches everything about hops, ranging from its cultivation to application in the brewing process
25Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer PodcastDelves into the business aspect of beer brewing
26Better on Draft PodcastShares information about beer-related topics
27Fermentation Beer and Brewing Magazine PodcastBreakdown of happenings and events in the world of craft beer
28Basic Brewing RadioInvites guests who share realistic experiences and tips on how to be a better homebrewer.
29Fresh Hop Cinema podcastDoesn’t just discuss beer, but also movies and the relationship between them. Features honest reviews about the best movies to see and best beers to drink
30The Full Pint PodcastGives listeners a peek at what’s happening behind the most popular breweries in the world
31Pacific Beer Chat podcastDiscusses all that’s going on in the British Columbia beer scene
32Beer Before Glory podcastFeatures renowned brewers who share brewing tips and what goes into every one of their brews
33Brew StrongFeatures a Q and A session that provides reasonable answers to issues related to homebrewing
34The Ontario Craft Beer Guide The PodcastHosts discusses the craft beer industry in Canada and latest developments
35Dr. HomebrewDetailed tutorial on homebrewing
36More Views on Craft BrewsEntertain beer tastings, beer and breweries recommendations
37Florida Beer PodcastDiscusses everything happening in the Florida Beer scene. Interviews reputable Florida brewers who share opinions on everything related to beer
38I’ll Try That podcastExciting and informative interviews. News and events breakdown
39Craft Beer Showdown PodcastShowdown of who has more knowledge about beer, history, flavors as well as facts in the beer industry
40Microbrewr PodcastEnlightens up and coming entrepreneurs on what it takes to venture into the beer brewing industry

Top 40 Beer Podcasts You Should Listen To

Without further ado, here are the best of the best when it comes to beer podcasts.

– Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Podcast

This beer podcast is owned by Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine. It’s a podcast for those who live and breathe beer and as well brewers looking for useful insights and brewing advice. Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Podcast is hosted every week and features a wide range of beer experts, experienced brewers, and beer industry analysts. These people discuss everything happening in the beer scene.

They offer homebrewing tips, talk about new and existing beer trends, and engage with their sizable social media following. There’s never a dull moment listening to Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine.

– The Beer O’Clock Show

The Beer OClock Show

Hosted by Steve and Martin, the Beer O’Clock show is simply entertaining. With the funky theme, “Let’s crack open a beer and share some thoughts,” you’re guaranteed a great time listening to the hosts.

The podcast features knowledgeable guests who share their opinion on beer-related topics. In this podcast, Steve and Martin discuss trending news in the beer scenes, have beer-tasting sessions, and provide unbiased reviews on the most popular beers.

– Craft Beer Radio Podcast

Craft Beer Radio Podcast

This is perhaps one of the longest-running podcasts. It started in June 2005 and was hosted by Founder Jeff Bearer and co-host Greg Weiss. Both hosts make listening to the podcast as interesting and interactive as possible. The weekly podcast is mostly about appreciating and informing beer lovers of the best craft beers to drink.

On this podcast, the hosts also talk about different beer styles, the history of the style, and as well as honest reviews of popular beers in that style.

– Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting Beer Podcast

A list of the best podcasts to listen to wouldn’t be complete if we don’t mention this podcast. This beer podcast is one of the best and most listened to among real beer lovers. It is hosted by Michael Kiser, a prolific and entertaining speaker. He always introduces beer connoisseurs and hobbyists who all come together to share in their love of beer.

These interviews are usually targeted at the brewers of these craft beer specials. It often takes listeners on an amazing journey through the lives of these breweries, as well as the creativity and challenges these people go through.

– Beersmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

Beersmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

If you’re a beer hobbyist or homebrewer, then you’d enjoy the Beersmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Brad Smith, who’s the author of the book “Homebrewing with Beersmith” as well as the Beersmith Homebrewing Software.

The show usually features professional brewers who share homebrewing tips, techniques, and advice. On the podcast, you’ll learn a lot of inside stories as well as meaningful insights on the working of the best professional brewers. It focuses on recipe formulation, yeast genetic makeup, and other interesting details.

Beersmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast is the perfect podcast if you’re a beer beginner looking to know about beer brewing, craft beers, and other beer-related information.

– Four Brewers

Four Brewers Beer Podcast

Four Brewers podcast is another weekly podcast centered on craft beers and homebrewing. The podcast is hosted by four brewers, John Holzer, Tim Mather, Greg Nagel and Jason Harris.

If you’re interested in brewing, recipe formulation, beer reviews and general hearty beer chats, then grab a beer and listen to Four Brewers. One thing to love about the Four Brewers podcast is how interviews, reviews and even brewing tips are discussed in an entertaining manner that’ll have you laughing half the time.

– The Brülosophy Podcast

The Brulosophy Beer Podcast

This beer podcast is for adventurous beer lovers. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with different beer ideas or brewing styles, tune in to The Brulosophy Podcast. The show is hosted by Marshall Schott, who has proven to be a valuable contributor to homebrewing experiments. There’s never a dull moment as various beer topics are discussed and different beer experiments take place on the show.

– The Sour Hour

The Sour Hour Beer Podcast

If you’re a fan of wild ales and sour beers, you’ll enjoy The Sour Hour. This show is hosted by Jay Goodwin and features expert mixed-fermentation brewers who share their knowledge on how to make the best-tasting sour beers. You’ll learn different classic brewing techniques as well as the best ways to properly brew a wild ale. The best part of listening to The Sour Hour podcast is that you learn new things in the most entertaining and concise way.

– Strange Brews Beer Podcast

Strange Brews Beer Podcast

Although the podcast was discontinued in 2015, it was a great beer podcast. With hundreds of listeners all over the MidWest, it entertained listeners with interesting beer topics and beer-related information relating to the Mid Western areas. Produced by Wbez, Chicago Public Radio Station, the hosts were Alison Cuddy, Tim Akimoff, and Andrew Gill. It also featured guests who were always hilarious and shared valuable brewing techniques and tips.

This podcast often gives a new insight into the beer culture, especially for craft beers, and how it affects major industries of the world. The show isn’t just entertaining, but also knowledgeable and is great for both beer and non-beer lovers. You can always go through their archives to listen to any of the previous episodes.

– Beer Night in San Diego

Beer Night in San Diego

This beer podcast is one of the longest-running as well as the first beer podcast in the San Diego area. Beer Night in San Diego is a weekly podcast that mostly shines its spotlight on the San Diego craft beer scene. The podcast also covers news, information, and other interesting beer-related topics. Every week, guests are brought to the show who’d share their knowledge of the best beers in San Diego, offer brewing tips and just have fun over a few bottles.

All of this information is shared with the listeners, crowned by a touch of comedy that makes for an extremely fun listening session.

– The Beerists | For the Love of Craft Beer

The Beerists For the Love of Craft Beer

Hosted weekly by John Rubio, Grant Davis, Laura Christie, and Mike Lambert, The Beerists is a fun podcast to listen to. Here, the hosts give an honest and in-depth review of various craft beers.

One thing to love about The Beerists podcast is how they give these reviews in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. The reviews are mixed with playful banter that makes listeners feel like they’re listening to their friends talk at a beer hangout.

Most beer lovers appreciate the breakdown and analysis of all beer reviews, as well as how knowledge is passed most entertainingly. Listening to The Beerists is surely an enjoyable experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

– 919 Beer

Beer Podcast

The 919 Beer Podcast is also known as The Triangle’s Local Beer Podcast and is presented by the CBC Podcast Network. It is hosted by Joe Ovies and Adam Eshbaugh.

The podcast features highly educative and entertaining discussions centered around the craft beer scene in North Carolina and the world in general. Listeners can get information on what’s happening in the beer industry, news, and events coming up in the area, as well as brewery reviews.

– Cheers Charlotte Radio

Cheers Charlotte Radio

Cheers Charlotte Radio’s podcast is all about craft beer, homebrews, and delicious food, all centered in Queen City. The bi-weekly podcast is hosted by Jay Weezie and gives the feeling of listening to beer buddies chat.

On the show, beer-related topics concerning the Charlotte beer industry are discussed. Aside from that, beer and food pairings are discussed, guests share their opinion on various beer topics, and expert brewers give great brewing tips.

– Brewing with Style

Brewing with Style

Brewing with Style is presented by The Brewing Network and is the world’s first podcast dedicated to traditional brewing styles. If you are a homebrewer or an aspiring one, Brewing with Style will help take you through the processes and best tips for brewing classic styles.

This beer podcast is a great one to listen to whether you’re a beer beginner or beer aficionado. It is hosted by Jamil Zainasheff and Mike “Tasty” McDole. Every week, new fermentation techniques and recipes are discussed to help brewers create the best-tasting classic beers.

The podcast also features professional brewers who discuss various helpful tips for brewing those classic styles. It also features a Q and A, which is a question and answer session, where patrons of the podcasts share their questions and other exciting discussions.

– Homebrew Happy Hour

Homebrew Happy Hour

The Homebrew Happy Hour Podcast is targeted at answering questions concerning craft beers and homebrewing. In simpler terms, you can think of it as a Q and A podcast for beer lovers. It is hosted by Joshua Steubing and Todd Burns.

Unlike most Homebrew podcasts that often offer tutorials on homebrewing, Homebrew Happy Hour mostly focuses on providing valuable answers to questions from homebrewers, beer information on the best ways to brew at home, and how-to videos.

– Steal This Beer

RSteal This Beer Beer Podcast

Hosted by Augie Carton and John Holl, the Steal This Beer show is a delightful beer podcast to listen to. One of the most interesting segments of the podcast is when the hosts often go on a blind taste of two beers, brought on the show by the episode’s guest.

They try to guess what beer is, its style, differentiating flavors in a wide variety of beers, and so on. The podcast also features news about the craft beer industry, professional brewers and beer experts, industry analysts, and experienced bartenders. They all come together to share their opinions, ideas, and stories that keep their listeners glued to their ear pods.

– Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl

Beer Podcasts Beer friends

This podcast is another amazing weekly beer podcast most beer enthusiasts will love. It is hosted by author and former Senior Editor of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine, John Holl. It explores everything related to the craft beer industry, with topics ranging from the history of different styles to the art and philosophy of brewing.

The podcast also focuses on award-winning brewers who share tales of their brewing journey, the wins and losses, as well as providing helpful brewing techniques and advice to listeners.

– Beer of the Day Podcast

Beer of the Day Podcast

Beer of the Day podcast is a more relaxing and entertaining beer podcast to listen to. The podcast is hosted by Jeff Miller, Dallas Heliker, Joel Minor, and Britton Minor. These hosts are huge beer enthusiasts who explore different beers and brewing; they are also into homebrewing and offer helpful homebrewing tips.

Beer of the Day podcast also features the host trying out different styles of craft beers, giving candid opinions as well as discussing current trends and events in the beer industry. When you listen to their episode, you’ll become more convinced that this podcast is mainly concerned about everything beer.

– Ale of a Time Podcast

Ale of a Time Podcast

Ale of a Time Podcast is an Australian beer podcast that discusses everything encompassing beer. It is hosted by Founder, Luke Robertson, Emma Bemrose, and Dave Ellis. This podcast is known for its entertaining yet very honest approach to all beer-related topics.

The thing that sets them apart from other Australian beer podcasts is how regular the episodes are as well as the playful theme music and banter. The podcast also features guests who provide answers to questions asked by the hosts. From time to time, the hosts also share their knowledge on topics that are relevant to their listeners.

– Experimental Brewing

Experimental Brewing Podcast

Another great beer podcast for homebrew enthusiasts, Experimental Brewing is a podcast where the hosts Drew Beechum and Denny Conn experiment with different brewing techniques and fermentation methods. All of the episodes are often targeted at discussing the art and science of expert brewing.

Denny and Drew, along with their guests, show listeners how to create a unique and remarkable brew. The podcast also teaches listeners the best way to appreciate a variety of styles. Every episode introduces a new and exciting topic that shows that the hosts know their stuff very well.

– Beer Busters Podcast

Beer Busters Podcas

Beer Busters is another amazing bi-weekly podcast. The hosts of the podcast are Dan Baker, Steph Heffer, and Wayne Baker. It usually features the top professional in the craft beer and brewing business. They all come together to drink great beer, play beer games and share their opinions on the world of craft beer brewing.

One unique quality of the Beer Busters Podcast is that it is always recorded on transit. That is, the microphones are often set up in breweries, beer festivals, farms, and even bars. The guests are often people who’ve been in the beer scene for a long time, and every discussion is laced with entertainment, drinking, and lots of fun. As long as you share in the love of beer and the craft beer community, you’d enjoy the Beer Busters Podcast.

– The Master Brewers Podcast

The Master Brewers Podcast

The Master Brewers Podcast is another popular beer podcast with thousands of listeners. Whether you’re a casual beer drinker, beer expert, homebrewer, beer entrepreneur, or even a beer beginner, there’s a lot to learn from The Master Brewers Podcast.

It is hosted by John Bryce, who is a seasoned brewer, a lover of technical brewing techniques as well as an entrepreneur. The podcast mainly focuses on interviews with the best professionals in the beer and brewing industry.

Most of the topics discussed include the art, science, and technology of the brewing industry as well as how it operates. While beer beginners would find it interesting, it is much more interesting for real beer lovers who’d love to know about the research, history, and important brewing techniques.

Often, the guests invited also get to share their challenges and successes, as well as offer crucial contributions to how the beer brewing industry can be better. If you consider yourself a beer nerd, then The Master Brewers Podcast is for you.

– The Drunk Review

The Drunk Review Podcast

The Drunk Review is a perfect beer podcast for beer lovers who are into movies and cider. It is hosted by four funny Scots who get “drunk” almost every episode and share their opinion on the latest film or beer making the rave.

They also discuss hard cider and all that goes onto the production of film, beer, and cider. Unlike most other podcasts that serve to educate, The Drunk Review podcast is mostly for fun, banter, and personal opinions.

– The Hop and Brew School Podcast

The Hop and Brew School Podcast

Just like the name suggests, The Hop and Brew School Podcast is a beer podcast focused on the workings surrounding hops and different ideas brewing techniques. It is hosted by Nick Zeigler. The podcast often features expert brewers from Yakima Chief Hops, who educate listeners on what hops are all about, their uses, as well as the growth process.

They also share valuable insights for hops farmers who wish to learn the latest trends and technologies involved in the planting, cultivation, processing, and application of hops. If you ever want to learn all there is to know about hops, then you should try listening to The Hops and Brew School Podcast.

Often, listeners are encouraged to send any questions they have to the official email of the podcast. These questions are tackled in every episode, in a way that’s informative yet entertaining.

– Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast

Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast

Beer Guys Radio’s podcast is one beer podcast that most beer lovers enjoy. The hosts, Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt, often discuss all there is to know about craft beer. At other times, they’d focus on the science of brewing these craft beers and the business of owning a craft brewery. The show features a lot of beer drinking, playful banter mixed with corny puns, and knowledge that is passed most casually.

– Better on Draft Podcast

Better on Draft Podcast

Another interesting beer podcast most beer lovers would like is the Better on Draft Podcast. It is hosted by five of the most amazing conversationalists: Kenneth Konarzewski, Nicholas Paglia, Wendy Taylor, Dan Cook, and Rob Everett.

The show is often recorded live on Fridays at 7 pm and grouped into two programs. The first program, Interviews, is usually posted every Saturday, while the Craft Beer News episodes are posted on Monday. The podcast is very interesting and covers the nitty-gritty of the craft brewing business, beer events, and fests as well as anything else happening in the beer industry.

– Fermentation Beer and Brewing Radio

Fermentation Beer and Brewing Radio

Presented by British Beer Writer of the Year, Emma Inch, the Fermentation Beer and Brewing Radio is a entertaining and informative podcast. Hosted by a beer expert, the podcast features an informative, very useful and compelling discussion that will have you listening all through each episode.

Emma Inch has a way of discussing in a casual manner, laced with comical words, that relaxes you and keeps you listening. The podcast is a magazine-style show that discusses every aspect of beer, craft beer, and the beer industry.

– Basic Brewing Radio

Basic Brewing Radio

Basic Brewing Radio is a weekly show that discusses all you need to know about homebrewing. The discussions cover the basics of homebrewing and how to brew a unique, remarkable beer all on your own. There are usually a lot of interesting interviews with people who are either expert brewers or share in the love of homebrewing.

These guests usually tell inspiring stories and give insights and tips on how you can brew a better beer at home. One thing that’s endearing about Basic Brewing Radio is that everything is discussed in the simplest of terms yet with enough details. The host, James Spencer, knows how to strike a balance between intelligence, humor, and detail.

– Fresh Hop Cinema

Fresh Hop Cinema Podcast

If you’re a beer lover who’s almost a movie buff, you’d absolutely love the Fresh Hop Cinema podcast. This podcast is based in Chico, California, and is hosted by Johnny Summers and Max Minardi. It covers everything movie and beer-related. On the show, thoughts and reviews are shared on the latest movies and beers on the scene.

The Fresh Hop Cinema is a fun yet thought-provoking podcast that gives you a whole new perspective about certain movies as well as beers. One thing is for sure, after listening to the Fresh Hop Cinema podcast, you’ll definitely know what movie to watch next and what craft beer to drink for a great tasting experience.

– The Full Pint Podcast

The Full Pint Podcast

The Full Pint Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers beer-related news and interviews with some of the most experienced beer connoisseurs in the United States. The Full Pint Podcast is hosted by Danny Fullpint, a seasoned brewer in the same league as David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

The podcast regularly features interviews with the best in the beer industry. The interviews are usually funny yet highly detailed and informative. Lovers of craft beer can always get a scoop of what’s going on in the industry as well as beer reviews.

– Pacific Beer Chat

Pacific Beer Chat

Pacific Beer Chat podcast is a beer podcast brought about by a group of beer bloggers who share in the love of beer. They cover all of the issues concerning the beer scene in British Columbia, and this extends to the world beyond.

The show is all about beer, issues arising in the beer industry, and beer events. The Pacific Beer Chat podcast crew includes Mike G, Warren, Cameron, Jordan, Steve H., Carnell, and several others.

– Beer Before Glory

Beer Before Glory Podcast

This podcast is an exclusive series of podcasts that features the most reputable craft beer brewers, industry experts, and brewery owners. These superstar guests discuss all that is related to the craft beer world.

The podcast is hosted by an expert brewer, Matt Brynildson, and Justin Crossley. The Beer Before Glory lets listeners in on what goes on behind the scene of some of the best breweries in the world.

It gives listeners a personalized perspective on what goes into every bit of beer barrel from the finest craft breweries. If you want to get first-hand information and tips for renowned craft beer experts, then you should listen to the Beer Before Glory podcast.

– Brew Strong

Brew Strong Podcast

Brew Strong is a radio-format podcast that features a question and answer session from listeners who want to learn more about homebrewing. The podcast hosts are prominent homebrewers, authors, and beer experts Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.

They give listeners a mix of fun conversations and brewing tips. If you want to advance your brewing knowledge, Brew Strong is specially designed for you. They not only provide answers to brewing problems, but also provide meaningful information to help increase your knowledge of all that relates to the beer world.

– The Ontario Craft Beer Guide The Podcast

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide The Podcast

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide The Podcast is perhaps one of the best Canadian podcasts. It is hosted by beer experts and authors Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc. These hosts share their love and appreciation for everything beer as they talk about what’s going on in the beer industry, as well as their knowledge of beer brewing.

They also analyze the beer industry and share their opinions on how things can be improved. All of these discussions are professionally mixed with the right amount of personal experiences, anecdotes, and humor.

– Dr. Homebrew

Dr Homebrew Podcast

It is no longer news that the Brewing Network is one of the best producers of podcasts about beer. Once again, they’ve proven their relevance in the beer scene with another beer podcast called Dr. Homebrew. Dr. Homebrew is one podcast that breaks down everything you need to know about homebrewing.

The podcast features the hosts John Palmer and co-hosts Brian Cooper and Brian Schar, who sample submitted homebrews from listeners and give honest feedback. They also share helpful tips to improve listeners’ homebrewing skills and ensure they enjoy a great beer.

– More Views on Craft Brews

More Views on Craft Brews Podcast

This podcast, held fortnightly, is basically a review of the best craft beers and craft breweries worldwide. The podcast is a fun yet exciting show that informs listeners of the best beer to try out and recommended breweries regardless of where you are in the world. It features a lot of beer tasting, beer dad jokes as well as well-curated reviews that are always fun to listen to.

– Florida Beer Podcast

Florida Beer Podcast Podcast

Hosted by David Butler, the Florida Beer Podcast is a podcast dedicated to discussing beer in the Sunshine State of Florida. It covers everything beer-related in the state and extends to brewing and happenings in the world’s beer industry.

David Butler usually interviews some of the key beer players and brewers in Florida, reviewing their brews and discussing topical industry issues. David Butler also informs listeners of upcoming and past beer events, giving them all of the juicy bits of what went on at all of these events. The Florida Beer Podcast creates a feeling of collective interaction among beer buddies.

– I’ll Try That Podcast

Ill Try That Podcast

Another weekly beer podcast, I’ll Try That, is an exciting podcast that features four best friends who are also beer lovers, talking about everything beer. Every week, listeners are entertained with stories and news of what’s going on in the beer and brewing industry, event coverage as well as highly informative interviews.

The hosts of the I’ll Try That podcast are Joe, Rich, Simmo, and Barber, who all come from the UK. Sharing the love for beer, they decided to start the I’ll Try That podcast. So far, the podcast has a significant number of listeners. Every week, they bring on amazing guests in a playful and chatty atmosphere to discuss all they know about the beer industry.

– Craft Beer Showdown

Craft Beer Showdown

The Craft Beer Showdown Podcast is produced by the Craft Beer Academy. Just like the name suggests, the podcast is basically about putting two craft beer experts side by side and hearing them talk about topics happening in the craft beer scene.

In the end, one of the beer experts comes out the winner based on their intelligence, subject depth, and ability to give a detailed explanation. The tips discussed on the podcast usually include styles, breweries, latest seasons and releases, and sometimes history and brewing techniques of some vintage beers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just a regular drinker or beer nerd, you’ll enjoy every minute of the Craft Beer Showdown Podcast.

– Microbrewr Podcast

Microbrewr Podcast

One admirable quality of the Microbrewr Podcast is how it goes into depth when it comes to interviews and opinions regarding the craft beer industry. The host, Nathan Pierce, tries as much as possible to ensure that the guests provide almost all they know about craft beers and brewing.

The podcast is mostly targeted at entrepreneurs who are looking to venture into the beer brewing industry. Most of the guests on the podcast are seasoned brewery owners and craft brewers who discuss the business aspect of craft brewing.

It also features others involved in the craft beer business industry like retailers, marketers, distributors, and others who can give detailed information on all it takes to start and run a craft brewery.


With experts in most industries starting podcasts, beer-related podcasts surely have to be a part of the buzz. If you’re interested in everything beer and would love to know more, listening to these podcasts will widen your horizon.

  • Beer Podcasts Prepering for Beer PodcastsThese podcasts are mainly focused on craft beers and the growth of the beer industry.
  • We recommend listening to the Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Podcast because it has more enlightening episodes with in-depth discussions on everything beer.
  • There are several alternative podcasts to listen to. These, however, are some of the best and most informative ones you can find.

There are a staggering number of podcasts to listen to, but we’ve narrowed your search by bringing you a list of the best 40 beer-related podcasts you’ll love. These podcasts are exciting, informative, fun, and provide real value to beer drinkers.

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