Costco Beer Selection: Everything You Need To Know About Their Brews

Costco Beer Selection listCostco beer selection may come across as a little bit intimidating to many since Costco is one of the biggest alcohol sellers in the U.S. But how do you know which beer you should pick from their huge collection? Well, we’ve carried out extensive, well-rounded research to make it easier for you to choose. Keep reading to learn what we’ve found out!

Costco Beer Why you should buy it
Stella Artois Refreshing and sugar-free
Belching Beaver Beer: Peanut Butter Milk Stout Creamy texture
Alpine Beer Imported from Canada, goes well with American meals
Pizza Port: Solana Beach Contains the aroma of papaya and passion fruit and has a fruity flavor
Pacifico Beer Imported from Mexico and is one of the most popular beers at Costco due to its rich flavor tone
Kirkland Blonde Beer The best beer you can find at Costco in our opinion
Kirkland Variety Pack Good option if you’re feeling indecisive
Corona Beer Simple flavor profile
Kirkland Kolsch German Ale Authentic German-style Lager with a sweet aftertaste
Sam Adams Beer: Boston Lager Made by the classic American Brewery and goes with whatever you’re eating
Kirkland Brown Ale The signature brand of Kirkland and easier to drink
Sierra Nevada Available all-year-round
Kirkland Pale Ale Vintage edition of the American pale ale style containing pungent flavors
Kirkland India Pale Ale Offers crispy taste with the Smells of floral hops, resin, citrus hops, etc.
Kirkland Double Bock Classic German dark beer in USA
Two Brother’s Abel’s Weiss German Hefeweizen style beer in the US rich in the taste of cloves, banana, spice, and lemon.
Bud Light Light in flavor, simple and enjoyable to drink
Coors Light Mild flavor lager beer and quaffable
Blue Moon Beer Awesome taste with peppery and spicy flavor provides creamy feeling
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Offers both sugariness and bitterness

The Best Costco Beer Brands

Here is an extensive list of the best beer brands you can find on the shelves of good old Costco.

– Stella Artois

Stella Artois surely has an intriguing name, but the taste is even more interesting. It has a crisp, floral flavor combined with a malt-like sweetness and a tad bit of bitterness. All in all, it’s a quite refreshing drink with a soft aftertaste.

Stella Artois has an ABV of 5 percent and packs approximately 140 calories in 12 ounces. It’s also sugar-free and contains 10 grams of carbs.

– Belching Beaver Beer: Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Belching Beaver Beer offers many varieties of beers. However, since they operate regionally, you might only find their regular lineup of beers rather than limited editions or sour ones depending on where your nearest Costco is.

One notable mention from their lineup would be the Peanut Butter Milk Stout, which maintains the perfect balance between the aroma of roasted peanuts and the flavor of the creamy beer; the lactose of milk helps with the latter.

– Alpine BeerCostco Beer Selection what you need to know

Fancy drinking some Canadian beer? Alpine is what you’re looking for. Produced by Moosehead Breweries, this particular drink is available at pretty much all Costcos.

The imported beer comes with an ABV of 5 percent and an IBU of 12, so it doesn’t have a bitter taste. According to the manufacturer, the beer is brewed from Styrian Golding Slovenia hops and Nugget hops. Although Alpine Beer isn’t American, it still goes with American meals like steak and potatoes quite well in our opinion.

– Pizza Port: Solana Beach

Pizza Port also happens to be a regional brand and is only available in five places in California, so chances are slim you’ll find it at your Costco if it’s not anywhere nearby. However, do make sure to give it a shot (no pun intended) if you see it.

We would highly recommend the Solana Beach, the fruity and rather quirky flavor of which contains a moderate amount of bitterness and is sure to please your soul. The aroma can be compared to papaya and passion fruit, and the bitterness added on top of that simply complements it all.

Another thing to note is that some core beers of Pizza Port come up to 11 percent ABV, in case you’re in the mood to try something strong.

– Pacifico Beer

Pacifico Beer comes all the way from Mexico, and trust us when we say that it’s worth the hassle. The imported beverage happens to be one of the most popular beers sold by Costco, since it is very flavorful and has a richer aroma compared to other American brews.

It was first brewed by Germans and is regarded as a spicy pilsner-like drink by beer enthusiasts. Pacifico Beer is especially popular among surfers and has an ABV of 4.5 percent, so it’s pretty much on the lighter side.

– Kirkland Blonde Ale

Kirkland Blonde Ale is in a league of its own with the subtle aroma of citrus, as it’s brewed from Citra and Cascade hops. The scent also somewhat hints its origin, which is Kirkland. As for the taste, the pinkish drink contains fruity flavors and various herbal aromas which feels quite refreshing when it goes down your throat.

As for the texture, it’s smooth and creamy with a slightly cloudy finish. Although Kirkland doesn’t make their widely famous light beer anymore, you can still grab this craft beer from any Costco outlet.

– Kirkland Variety Pack

If you really want to try Kirkland but not sure which one to go for, feel free to go with the variety pack. Arguably, it’s the best combination of beers sold at Costco. The 24-pack contains the best craft beers of Kirkland at a price you simply can’t refuse. It’s also a great way to check which one suits to your liking the most.

– Corona Beer

Although the name Corona may remind you of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s still going on in some countries, the beer has been available at Costco since way before the pandemic. It’s a Mexican-brew beer, but the company is owned by Belgians.

The light beer offers sweet notes and is very popular among Americans for its simple flavor profile, unlike heavier and more complex imported beers.

– Kirkland Kolsch German Ale

As the name suggests, this one is an authentic German-style lager that offers the flavor of dark caramel malts, dark-roasted Munich, and pilsner. As a result, the beer has an attractive golden color with a smooth texture.

According to reviewers, there are few hops in the aroma and flavor and the beer is a light-bodied drink overall. It’s also known to have a crisp, sweet aftertaste.

– Sam Adams Beer: Boston Lager

Sam Adams is a renowned American brewery that offers many kinds of beers. However, their main attraction is the Boston Lager, which has an ABV of 5 percent and its signature brown bottle.

The flavor is rich and somewhat tricky, but don’t let that fool you, it perfectly maintains the balance between complexity and simplicity. As the company likes to put it, their beer goes with virtually anything you’re eating, whether it’s a cupcake or a good old burger.

– Kirkland Brown Ale

Also known as the signature beer of Kirkland, the Brown Ale resembles the classic US Brown Ale. That being said, it’s certainly a bit easier to drink than the regular Brown Ale since the heavy malt flavor is balanced out by the light notes.

The end result is that it’s neither too sweet to drink nor too bitter. We wouldn’t even be exaggerating if we said it was one of the best beers you’ll find at Costco.

– Sierra Nevada

Since Sierra Nevada isn’t artisanal, it’s safe to say you’ll find it regardless of where your Costco outlet is located or what time of the year it is. We would suggest the Hazy Little Thing, which has a soothing orange color and a beautiful whitish foam on the top. The texture is obviously hazy but not totally opaque.

It smells like a complex blend of tropical fruits and tastes very light with some sweet notes. Bitterness isn’t something it lacks though, but that complements the sweetness really well and makes the beer even better. To talk about the aftertaste, it’s rather simple with the taste of smooth citrus tea note that would last in your mouth for a bit.

– Kirkland Pale Ale

Costco Beer Selection complete list

Another amazing option of beer you can have at Costco is Kirkland Pale Ale. This American-style beer is the corporation’s signature beer which they brew themselves for the consumers. Pale Ale contains caramelized malt as the flavor and tastes a little sweet. Its hop profile provides an outstanding aroma that will melt down your heart.

Having an alcohol percentage of 5.4 percent, it offers low bitterness but heavy foams, though still more bitter than lagers. However, one problem you will face after loving this drink is it’s a seasonal beer, so you won’t have the chance to consume it at any time of the year. But as it’s Costco’s production, they can tell you the information about the beer’s availability, and you can plan to buy according to the schedule.

– Kirkland India Pale Ale

Kirkland India Pale Ale comes next on our list which we will recommend you to consume in a lifetime. The special trait of this beer is Kirkland IPA is available at all Costco outlets while most of the beers are not due to being regional.

This signature craft brew is an autogenous production of the store like the prior beer which contains an ABV of 6.9 percent and is noticeably hoppy that results from Centennial, Chinook, and Magnum hops. This beer’s IPA is enriched in flowery, fruity, citrus-like flavor, offers the aroma of grapefruit, and is famous for its bitterness.

 – Kirkland Double Bock

Double Bock is a Kirkland signature beer that provides a peanut-like taste for your taste buds with the flavor of malty caramel. A gentle malty fragrance, attractive creamy and foamy head, and a pale brownish body give it a classy look that is sure to allure you.

Containing an alcohol percentage of 7.5 percent, Kirkland Double Bock has a spicy and citrusy drink that is a moderate beer. The beer isn’t lacy but your mouth will love it for its creamy touch. Simultaneously being sweet and heavy, Double Bock is something extraordinary to taste for beer lovers.

– Two Brothers Abel’s Weiss

This is a German Hefeweizen-style beer that we must include in our list for being a super tasty beer. Two Brothers Brewing Company from Warrenville, Illinois brews Abel’s Weiss which is renowned for its interesting combination of flavors of cloves, banana, spice, and lemon as well as vanilla that creates malty sweetness to satisfy your tongue.

Have you experienced such a rich combination of savor that this drink offers? If not, then what are you waiting for? Get a glass of Abel’s Weiss and enjoy the evening. This beer contains an alcohol percentage of 4.9 percent and if you are looking for a good tangy sessional beer, Two Brothers Abel’s Weiss is the best choice for you.

– Bud Light

Don’t like Kirkland much? Tired of seeing so much Kirkland beer on the list? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you: simply go for a Bud Light. Yes, the next beer which we are going to suggest you buy at Costco is Bud Light.

This is a quick lager, and there is a facility that you don’t need a Costco membership card to buy at the store in some states, so you can utilize this amenity to get your hand on Bud Light. If you like the strong aroma which is absent in Kirkland Light, this beer is a great choice for you. It provides a more robust aftertaste, though contains an ABV of 5 percent.

Bud Light has lower calories being a light beer and is regarded as one of the healthiest beers at Costco. It can be the right choice for the function you celebrate with your friends and family.

– Coors Light

Our next choice for the list is also a light beer believed to be low in calories, so it’s also comparatively healthier than other strong beers. We are talking about Coors Light here, which is an American lager. This is considered one of the healthiest beers in the world that won’t destroy your waistline. But if you love strong shock from your drink to overwhelm your taste buds, you won’t like the drink.

Having an ABV of 4.2 percent, it’s kind of more fruit drink than beer. But it runs a smart ad campaign that will make you believe that you are being “Beerman” without dealing with the toughness of an alcoholic drink. This will give you a chilly feeling as it always gets packaged cold by Coors Brewing Company.

The drink is lagered, filtered, and contains corn syrup. This seasonable golden beer is famous for its aroma of freshly made bread and its taste notes include touches of banana and pear, leading to a crisp feeling in your mouth.

– Blue Moon Beer

Blue Moon beer is one of the coolest beers this store supplies. However, the trouble is this Belgian-style wheat ale is seasonal, so you will not be able to enjoy the drink throughout the year even if you feel like buying alcohol. But Belgian White type might be always found at any outlet of Costco, which makes it one of the most sold beers at the store.

Blue Moon Brewing Co. of Denver brews this drink with wheat, orange peels, and coriander that provides a fruity aroma. The beer has an ABV or alcohol percentage of 5.4 percent and is very flavorful to be hyped and celebrated at your party.

– Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

As the last recommendation, we put a Brown Ale-style beer called Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar on our list because we don’t want you to miss its magical savor. Rogue Ales is the brand from Newport, Oregon that brews this beer which comes with nutty complicacy.

It contains an ABV of 5.6 percent and offers a sweet, pleasurable flavor along with slight bitterness, which justifies its name being nectar. It includes mainly coffee, roasted malts, and hazelnut extract as its key taste notes, which you cannot miss if you want to make your evening great.


Is it cheaper to buy beer at Costco?

Yes, Costco generally offers cheaper prices on beer compared to other retailers due to their bulk purchasing power and low overhead costs.

Does Costco carry all beer brands?

No, Costco does not carry all beer brands, but they do carry a wide selection of popular brands and some lesser-known craft options.

Does Costco have a beer return policy?

Yes, Costco has a generous return policy for beer, which allows customers to return unopened and opened cases for a full refund within a certain time frame.


Costco is one of the best places to buy beers because of their huge inventory and how many choices they offer. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best beers we’ve found at Costco and discussed the details so it’s easier for you to decide which one you should get from the huge Costco beer selection. Regardless of which brew you go with, make sure to keep the following points in mind while picking:Costco Beer Selection all you need to know

  • If you’re feeling indecisive, look for variety packs. They’re often a good way to experiment and find out what you like.
  • Some sort of beers are only distributed regionally and might not be available at your local Costco if you don’t live anywhere near where they’re produced.
  • Costco is flexible with their return policy, but that doesn’t apply to alcohol.

If you’re still unsure which beer you should buy, we would strongly recommend Kirkland Brown Ale because of sheer popularity among beer enthusiasts.

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