How To Make Beer Taste Better: Creative Ways to up Your Beer Game

With newer styles of beer being discovered, we prepared some tips on how to make beer taste better. Newbies in the beer world or people who haven’t developed a taste for strong beers often look for ways to make beer taste good.

Make beer taste better

From Stouts to IPAs to Ales to Lagers, we have a fix for them all.

How To Make Beer Taste Better: 13 Surefire Ways To Try

Want to head out with your friends for a couple of drinks but can’t stand the taste of beer?

Here are some creative ways to make beer taste good:

  1. Mix Your Beer With Fruit Juice

Breweries across the world are adding more and more beermosas to their menu. It is a trendy solution to fixing your beer taste buds. Simply mix your beer with orange juice, and you have a boozy drink to enjoy with the rest of your pals. Plus, it tastes delicious too.


To amp up your beer a little more, use a beer that already has citrusy notes, like wheat or Belgian beer.

Some options to try are:

  • Blue Moon
  • Goose Island 312
  • Golden Road Mango Cart

You can also mix your beer with sweet apple juice. If orange juice gives you extra bitterness, apple juice will balance out the overall taste of the beer by giving it a sweeter taste.

It is best to mix this in a 1:1 ratio. So half your glass has apple juice topped halfway through with your favorite beer.

You can also add lemonade to a light beer for a sweeter taste. These options are super summer-friendly. If you want something for the cold winter days, you can mix your beer with cranberry juice or ginger beer. This will give it a nice warmth.

  1. Add Fresh or Frozen Fruits to Your Beer

This is another excellent option.

Remember how the Blue Moon beer is served with a slice of orange and Corona with a slice of lime?

Light bitter beers flavor well with citrus fruits. You could even add some olives or frozen strawberries, or raspberries to your Michelob Ultra.

  1. Adult Root Beer Float – Give It a Shot

Not many people are fans of stout beers. In this case, a little bit of ice cream can go a long way to make beer not taste bad. A chocolaty stout paired with a good quality vanilla bean ice cream is a dreamt combination. Any coffee or chocolate-flavored beers will do.

  1. Mixing Beer With Soda

Another good example if you don’t want to extra dilute your beer’s carbonation is by adding a light soda drink to your beer. Mountain dew, Sprite Lemon, Ginger Ale are some available options.

  1. Turn Your Beer into a Beergarita

A margarita mix is a peppy way to up your beer game. It makes you look creative too. Just add some to your beer, and watch how the sweet taste takes over the bitterness of the beer.

This goes well with Mexican beers. You can even make a margarita slush by adding ice and popping your beer upside down into a wide-mouth glass—one of those insta-worthy cocktails.

  1. Make a Beer Mixed Drink

This is basically mixing beer with more beer or beer with other bizarre ingredients.

Some ideas are:

  • Michelada: Mexican beer with soy sauce, lime juice, and any other hot sauce of your preference.
  • Black and Blue: You can mix a Guinness Stout with a Pale Ale like Blue Moon and get an all-new drink with surprising flavors.
  • Black Velvet: You can add champagne to any dark stout in equal parts, and bam! You have a smoother beer to drink.
  1. Add Some Cocktail Bitters

Beer with cocktail bitter

A bitter is a liquor-based flavored liquid that comes with a dropper in a little bottle. A few drops of these can make IPA taste better. Bitters bring out hidden flavors. It works especially well with undertone smokey or zesty beers. Bitters like Regan’s Orange Bitters, Angostura Aromatic Cocktail Bitters are some options.

  1. Add Some Creamer

This trick works best if you have a coffee stout to drink. Adding some creamer makes it more drinkable by giving it coffee-like desirability. The creamer lightens the dark color of the stout and makes it look like cold coffee. To amp it up a little more, you can even add some Baileys espresso cream or Irish cream, and you would get an absolutely delicious beer mix to drink.

Some of the best quality creamers:

  • International Delight Hazelnut Gourmet Coffee Creamer
  • Coffee-Mate Liquid French Vanilla
  • Sown Organic Oat Creamer (for the vegans)
  1. Stir in Simple Syrup

This is just sugar water. By adding this, you could make your beer taste sweeter without any added flavors or aromas, or acidity. It’s like diluting your beer with sugar water. Any bar or lounge would have it so take it to make beer sweeter.

  1. Try Drinking It at a Warmer Temperature

This is a strange one, but a warmer beer can have a much distinct taste profile. We are used to drinking beer chilled, but some beers can be tried a little warmer. So, if you don’t like that beer, ask for it to be served a little warmer.

  1. Change the Shape of Your Glass

There’s a reason why different beers have different glassware. Glassware can impact the taste of the beer.

  • American pint glasses are good for IPAs and Pilsners. These glasses give an excellent aroma release.
  • Beer mugs are designed to reduce the transfer of heat. This is why they are thick and heavier. They can keep beers cold for a longer time.
  • Tulip glasses have a small tulip-shaped bowl attached at the end. This enhances the flavor and smell. It also helps reduce the heat.
  • Flute glasses are perfect for fruit beers. The shape highlights the color and carbonation.
  1. Add Some Liqueurs

Some popular liqueurs to try are Kahlua, Cointreau, Schnapps, Limoncello and Amaretto. These can easily better the overall taste of your beer.

  1. Add Any Liquor of Your Choice

This option is best when you have a flavored beer or liquor. Like a seasonal pumpkin beer with a shot of fireball in it. The idea is to bring two fairly good-tasting drinks and patch them into one.

How To Make Cheap Beer Taste Better: 5 Tried-and-Tested Ways

  1. Beer Salts

This trick is inspired by Mexican tradition. People add salt and lime to their beers. Salts are a cost-effective way to enhance the taste of the beer. Mix equal amounts of salt and lime and mix it in your beer. The salt balances the bitterness in the beer, and the lime enhances the flavor profile.

  1. Grapefruit Juice

If you really want to go out there experimenting, you can mix some grapefruit juice in your beer. Now, there are many such ready seasonal beers already available in the market. The ratio is one part beer and three parts grapefruit juice. This is best for those hot summer days.

  1. Tomato Juice

Honestly, this may surprise you. But if you are a fan of tomato tanginess, then a shot or two of some tomato juice won’t do any harm. Something like a beer bloody mary.

  1. Pouring It Right

Believe it or not, the way you pour beer also impacts the overall beer taste and experience. Some people just pour it upfront, and all you have is beer froth on the table. Pouring it right and in the right glass makes a lot of difference. And it is a cost-effective way again.

  1. Campari

This one is a cocktail ingredient. If you have some lying around in the house, a splash of Campari can upgrade your beer massively. It has a bitter orange flavor that brings a whole new level of complexity when added to the beer. You can add a slice of lime for a citrusy kick, and you’ve made yourself a fancy beer cocktail.


Does adding sugar to beer make it taste better?

Adding sugar to beer can enhance its sweetness but may also alter its overall taste profile. It ultimately depends on personal preference.

Will making your beer non alcoholic improve its taste?

Removing alcohol from beer can impact its taste and body, potentially resulting in a less enjoyable experience.

What can be added to stouts for an improved taste?

Stouts can be improved by adding various ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla, or even barrel-aged spirits for added complexity.


How to make beer taste better

Here’s a bubble burst for everyone: beers don’t really taste good. Some may even say they taste like stale water sometimes. And the good beers, the tastefully crafted ones aren’t readily available, definitely not at cheaper rates.

Some of the best options to amp the taste of your beer are:

  • Squeeze in some lime and make it citrusy.
  • Add some salt to reduce the bitterness.
  • Use creamers, especially with dark coffee and chocolate-flavored stouts.
  •  Use cocktail bitters, especially with IPAs.
  • Turn your beer into a margarita – make it a beergarita.

From some naturally available ingredients to beer mixes, there are plenty of options to alter the taste of any beer. The next time you head out, try one of these experts’ recommended tips on altering or making your beer taste better.

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